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  1. I haven't been here for a few months and was wondering if I came to the wrong site when I first saw it a few days ago. I was convinced I went to a different site lol. Did the name change too? Wasn't it xbox360achievements or something???
  2. So does this game have a new set of achievements? Even if they are duplicates of constructor HD?
  3. A good start but I think you have the difficulty too high. It's more like a 4...maybe a 5 on supernova. The firefights just arent that hard and I didnt find myself even using the consumables that often. I also want to add a tip for supernova. If you fast travel to your ship and Manuel save, you can reload the quick save before you fast traveled, giving you a way to bypass the quick saving limitations. It can help in harder fights or parts you think you might fail. Lastly, I found my first mega on earth 2, before I got a ship. It was west of the thermo plant; in a secluded area I found a body and a data pad that explained they were studying the canids(?) Sorry for the spelling. Then I'm not sure if they spawned or if I just didnt notice them but there were some canids and a megacanid loaming around. I wish I could provide a better location description but I would have to go explore it again
  4. *Missable* At the end of Act One, after crossing the stream with your group, you'll enter into a long dialogue with AJ. Make sure to quit to the main menu and make a copy of your save file to avoid needing to replay Act One again. After crossing the stream you'll eventually be given the choice between trusting AJ to make the hard decisions or not. Make your choice, finish Act One, and then during Act Two, after you cross the bridge and complete all of the action sequences there, you'll unlock either this achievement or "Goodbye" depending on your choice in Act One. You can then load up your copied save at the end of Act One, make the other choice, and then you'll need to play through most of Act Two to finish the bridge scene again to unlock the other achievement. The You and me achievement seems to be glitched for me. I chose to trust AJ proceeded to the bridge and saw him kill tenn, and got goodbye. Reloaded and chose not to trust him, violet dies, no achievement. Played up to the end of the barn/she'd part and no achievement. Reloaded and tried again and no achievement. It's the last I need but I think I might have to try from the beginning of ep 4...
  5. They recently updated the game, fixing the glitch. Just play the game again and it should unlock
  6. They fixed the glitch a few weeks ago. Play the game again and it should unlock.
  7. Hey guys, ten year(officially) xbox gold veteran here. Not sure how long my account on this site is but I used it a year or 2 before I became a member. I didnt even notice when I got 100k. I even forgot this was a milestone on this site. To be honest I havent played games as much these past 3 years so my progress is way slower. I also have all 3 consoles so.... Anyways I'm trying to be more active... it seems this site isnt as alive as I remember it, some games dont even have roadmaps or stuff. Everytime I Google achievement guides, true achievements comes up first so I want us to overcome that website because this one is the best community!!! Gamertag: TheCrazier I have no more online gaming friends as they switched to the psn or moved on with their lives
  8. To be fair, the sims 4 came out in 2014 qnd the expansions and stuff and game backs came out later so they arent really "day 1 dlc". Its just that they ported the base game and those select dlc at the same time. I think more people would havr been pissed if they didn't since the dlc has been around for a while
  9. Great! Now if only they could fix the issue where every time i debrief a specific team, not the other 3 that i have but 1 specific team, the game freezes every time. Have to reset. Still get the rewards and outcome but its tedious to have to reset
  10. Great! Now if only they could fix the issue where every time i debrief a specific team, not the other 3 that i have but 1 specific team, the game freezes every time. Have to reset. Still get the rewards and outcome but its tedious to have to reset
  11. Looks like progress towards terminator trapshooter qnd fireworks reset also.....fml
  12. Im halfway through the game on insane and its tough. Today first battle i try and i noticed enemy died so much easier. Check dificulty and somehow its normal. Load old saves and all are on normal. WTF i never even went into the options ever. Wtf now i need to play multiplayer or new game plus which both sound boring and waste. Wtf im pissed. Anyone else happend to you?
  13. Maybe im wrong but it seems that the equipment got cheaper today. Human intelligence was 300 now 250. Adrenaline was 75 now 30 . Anyone else notice that?
  14. Hey Pants for trapshooter and sucker punch, you wrote "either pull" but forgot "and singularity". Reads wrong. Singularity also works
  15. Yea i actually did buy them twice. I thought i maybe didnt save or something. Thats probably why i got an extra set maybe
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