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  1. I've played with randoms before searching a standard Insane with one friend. We were on Impact. We managed to beat it. I didn't invite them to a party or anything but they didn't seem to know their roles. For example, whenever someone else picked up stuff to deposit, I'd message them to say "hey, I'm scout. That's my job". I would just melee them if I wanted them to get off their turret to upgrade it and stuff. No one left. Was that just a coincidence? Maybe because it was insane, they had more of an incentive to stay? This was before the bounty upgrade btw. I guess on casual, people would just go for bounties but harder difficulties means people might actually stay. (unless they notice you're going nowhere; keep failing)
  2. Release dates brings order. I like order
  3. In my opinion, if you did this on xbla then this wasn't that bad. As long as you played at least one or two similar phone games before, the controls won't be that much of an issue. I got this game done the day after it came out so trust me i didn't really struggle with this.
  4. I tried doing some and i just can't pull it off. Some look really cool though.
  5. I actually had a easier time on this game than SFII HF suprisingly. Not a bad game either.
  6. I want to play this but it isn't completable.
  7. I have done them all as well but it kind of makes me mad there is a glitch for it
  8. While doing matches played you will get a lot of KP
  9. I completed all 32 Dojo lessons. So i went to try 32 again and when i backed out there was a challenge for completing Dojo lesson 42 and when I clicked it my xbox froze at the loading screen.
  10. I just hope my last two 2000 match achievements don't glitch.
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