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  1. need a boost for these GT Johnnytwobyfour
  2. after reading all this and taking bits and bobs from each Grummer had the best idea but i wold like to add this: First get a strong character doesn't matter who, and play any level you want on chaos (Wu stage 4 best or a stage 1 battle to start) mode. In your team have the high lvl character, the character you want to level up and anyone else you feel like having (sun wukong for speed) and blitz the level with the strong character to get some good weapons and such. now spend the points on the person you want to rank up until you think they are strong enough to hold thier own, then fight a few battles i think about 10-12 should do and there you have it a solid character a good weapon to begin helps a lot can grind all the easy and normal stuff while doing that you raise them up to take on hard and chaos modes
  3. ok so its my first play through and i've come across the death tiger with Lu Bu and Diao Chan and no matter what i try im getting destroyed. im playin on medium with and lvl 50 and i just bad at the game? or am i missing something? ive tried all kind of ways and i can get about 75% of his life down then i die and help would be awesome about now. Thanks
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