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  1. I have to agree with this. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME AT THE CURRENT PRICE! If we continue to support these prices MS will continue on, releasing more titles at this increased price point. It has slowly creeped up over the years and I thought $15 was too much. Now we are looking at $25 Arcade titles and $30 glorified demos for sale. I want this, but I think I will have to wait on it. I do not want to see future titles release at this price point and I will be speaking with my wallet. I hope others do the same.
  2. still waiting for this game to get released. Hopefully soon.
  3. I tried to buy today, but it's already delisted:( I guess I should have tried last night. I thought it was until the end of today. That sucks, I guess I will not be playing the game. I downloaded the demo that is still up and it looked ok, but you couldn't unlock the full game.
  4. sentury111

    Give a Life

    I don't use facebook, but have an account. I was able to get the other facebook achievements, but not this one. Anyone want to be my friend on facebook who has this game? I suppose I could create another account and add that as a friend. But that seems like a lot of work for an achievement.
  5. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows how to fix this. I completed the first lake with 5 stars on all the spots, got the new lure but not the achievement because my game got hung up without weighing in. So now it shows I got 5 stars but not the achievement. I can't redo the last spot either. Is there anyway for me to get the achievement? Anyone else run into this?
  6. I reread the guide. I think what I was doing wrong was playing the feud and not the quick feud. I was able to get the Chosen one by placing my tile at after the others went then quickly playing the same spot the next round since the AI is so quick. Then a game later I won a match by doing the same thing and playing my tile after the AI went and breaking the ICE on power bricks and then the next round quickly playing the same spot to score big. For the last achievement I need a second player because I can't place my tiles fast enough on the + after breaking the ice in quick feud. And the AI just breaks the + once I break the ice. Anyone want to help me get this last achievement? Thanks.
  7. Does anyone have any tips? I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  8. How do you get this achievement? I try to break a power brick but even if the AI places a break on the same spot I never get the achievement. Is there a trick to get this? For duck and cover I can't create any protected tiles unless I'm in 4th place. I go for the + tiles and then I give the protected the tile to the other players. The game says you only get to get the protected tile when in 4th, but you don't always get it. Any tips? The other achievement I need is the 1st place one. I really don't know how to score big. I just don't really understand the scoring system. I go for the stars and bombs to get the most points, but sometimes I randomly get lots of points. Is there any trick? Thanks
  9. I couldn't connect either until I changed the region to Canada.
  10. The game is back on the marketplace now for 1.49 US and that is great for me since I had them refund my money by accident when I complained the game would only play occasionally. They took it as I want a refund and removed my license and left me with a few achievements already unlocked. So I saved 3.50 and get to play the game again. Anyone who doesn't have it should buy since it is actually a fun game, just don't expect them to leave the servers up forever. If anyone wants to boost let me know. Thanks.
  11. The game is back on the win8 store and now I have my game back! So hoping to boost this with someone soon before I can't play again. Send me a message. sentury111
  12. From what I have found out the game is only available to Asus owners and is now an exclusive. Not delisted. If you already downloaded it you should be able to redownload.
  13. I'm assuming the answer is a no on this since EA is a greedy company. I'll know in a day or two though. But what about Madden 25?
  14. I installed windows 8 on a new PC and went to redownload this title and can't find it on the windows store. Anyone know how to find it? EDIT: Looks like it has been delisted. Windows 8 need to have same policy as Xbox and let you download old purchases. Or provide refund.
  15. This has probably been answered before but do the coins from madden 12 left over transfer to 13 or 25? Thanks. I bought 13 new for $10 but might also get 25 anniversy for sunday ticket. Can u access the service on xbox or ps3?
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