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  1. If you already played in WP8, you have to start over in Windows 8 to unlock achievements, but there are some tips to speed up the second game. The market overlaps between your kingdoms, so after Level 15, you can use the market to transfer advanced troops and resources from your completed game to your new one. Just set up the market in your advanced game to sell stuff. Then go to your newer game and remove the items from the market. They get removed into your new game, allowing you to get advanced troops early. Once you've completed expanding, there's not much to spend money on, so it piles up. I've had friends who are still expanding set up their markets to sell wood or something for 100,000 each, and I buy when I can so that they can expand more quickly.
  2. Want to complete multiplayer achievements before servers are shut down. GT: catmajik101
  3. I had a large update today, and afterward, I added fun buildings to get back to 5 stars, and the achievement unlocked. No more flashing. it looks like the glitch is fixed.
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