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  1. I've never liked Rayman before but i instantly fell in love with this game, it looks beautiful and is fun in co-op.
  2. It's vital to have a good partner on insane, but then it's more fun than normal cause you can't just skip half the track by abusing tactical suicide,also it's annoying to die somewhere by accident and spawn in somehow unpredictable places.
  3. Am i the only one who doesn't like that they changed the fever music in this game? While i think it was a nice idea to have different sounds for each Peggle Master completing a level doesn't give me the feeling i accomplished something big now, except for Luna maybe, her fever feels completely different from all the others. Also the speed-up function is much slower than in the first game.
  4. If you use them in Spyro's Adventure they will be at level 10, but if you use them in Giants again they will keep the higher level.
  5. This game is beautiful in gameplay and graphics, definitely one of the best Sonic games out there.
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