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  1. I'm looking to do that co-op gold medal achievements. Just add me on xbox and drop me a message. GT: PandaCatMan
  2. Anyone willing to help me kill the dragons? (part of tiny tinas dlc) I lost my original saves and only have a level 34 zero now. The dragons are one of my last two achievements I need. The other being the gunzerker one but I can work on that on my own.~
  3. Anyone willing to help me kill the dragons? I lost my original saves and only have a level 34 zero. The dragons are one of my last two achievements.
  4. Booom!! Another achievement collected! Thank you so much for this!
  5. Thank you for this!! Another great guide!!
  6. Eugh!!! I can't seem to get the mixed drinks one!! I keep making them and drinking them, three times on one playthrough and once on a separate one and it still won't pop up!! It's driving me insane!!
  7. The audio in my game seems to be out of sync with what's going on by a few seconds and it's driving me insane. I'll shoot my gun, or jump and then a few seconds later the corresponding noise will play. Same goes for enemy guns, they'll be shooting at me but I won't hear anything for a couple of seconds and then the gunshots can be heard. I checked to see if it was my set-up or something but it only seems to be in this game. Has anyone else had this problem? Are there any solutions for it? I've googled but found nothing. It's really pissing me off so any help is appreciated!
  8. I'm just wondering as I am trying to grind level at ring of bones. When some, what I assume to be an hacker, comes in my map and curses me about 4 times with Witch Doctor, but the pillars at up on the hills out of my reach to destroy them. So just wondering if these will go away on their own in time? As I've tried leaving and entering the map and quitting the game etc.. I'm hoping it will as its really messing with my game. =/
  9. Alright I guess I will be going for Imperials then. Thanks for the help guys. ^_^
  10. Well here is the big question once again!!! I have to side with the Stormcloaks or Imperials but I have no idea who to side with.. I have googled this and read quite a few threads on it.. but I still can't make up my mind.. So any help is much appreciated.
  11. Well I finally managed to get my son dressed.. Now its a my daughter that likes to walk around naked..~
  12. Yeah I have had this happen to me quite a few times.. Kind of annoying.. ¬¬
  13. http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Fort_Sungard Scroll down and you will see what quests the place is involved in. I also had a glitch like this with another place, only thing I was able to do was play from an old save where the freezing didn't happen from. =/
  14. Take it I have to help the thieves guild out to get all 4 merchants and for her to have that much?
  15. Well it seems after the 1.9 patch, my Riverwood trader dude only has 2.5k gold. My speech skill is at level 100.. I have invested in him.. and I have already done his quest.. So I am assuming they have patched the amount of money he has? Now with this.. where is the best place to go and sell my stuff? As I have a lot of stuff I need to sell.. =/
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