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  1. I just need overkill and the 2 end achievements if anyone want's to help just send me a message I will be on
  2. need to give a player a diamond this is my last achievement for the game GT: WOLFrostBITE if you want to help.
  3. i'm looking to get the 4 players for 5 mission achievement me and my friend chris want to get it done so we just need 2 more players willing to help must have a mic and must stay in the match until the 5 missions are done. Plus my friend chris is just starting out and he is kida slow so he might not know where to go and just give me a message and then I will invite you GT: WOLFrostBITE:locked
  4. well that's disappointing I mean the escapist on pc got lots of stuff including map editor. To me it does not make sense not to add map editor like I don't think it would be that hard to make it work for xbox plus not adding it is like saying gta 5 heist on 360 but not the xbox one or ps4. (Sigh) well they say there not adding it but you never know developers might change there mind.
  5. does anyone know if they are planning on making a prison editor so you can make you own prison so people can escape from? they have done it for the pc version will it be coming for the xbox one version?
  6. The Italian plumber is glitched for me it says done unlocking but won't unlock this is a set back :-(
  7. why would a developer be playing? and why would he have mods I know he's the developer but still.
  8. Hey just thought I ask. thought there could be mods like xbox 360 oh well.
  9. So I was wondering if there is anyone that has a modded gun just like the ones in dead island that they can share I only really want one. But if that's not possible then that's fine with me just thought Id ask. Plus im only renting the game right now but I will buy the game when I get money so everyone knows.
  10. why everyone giving a bad rep for the game when I first left the museum and saw the cut scene I instantly knew I would enjoy the game, now boss battle at chapter 6 pissed me off failed that part 8 times 8 times!!! and I looked at the online achievements now that pisses me off as well just cause nobody plays anymore or how hard they are to get or boosting is the only way to unlock them or the servers are down. But whatever the reason don't listen to some of the people what they say if it's bad or not if you think a game looks cool and you really want to see what it's like go ahead that's what I do and I was right this game is great thats what I think anyway, I give the game a 9.5/10 just because of those 2 problems I have with the game chapter 6 boss and online achievements.
  11. so I want to know how do the heist medals work cause I have no clue I got a few platinum few gold etc. but how do they work? and how do you get them?
  12. so I downloaded the heist DLC and when I loaded up the game trevor called and said he needs me to blow up helicopters and planes, then lester called and said he needs me to distract cops, and finally Gerald messaged me saying I need to blow up some cars, now how often does these side quest get active I was in a server for a hour or 2 and I got a plane mission then the next day I went on and got a distract mission but now im not getting anything so is it random or what?
  13. need dlc achievements too but wish private matches worked or do they work it would make things so much easier:dance:
  14. so if anyone can lend it to me for a sec that would be great. And I like to point it out that co-op might be broken for me but if anyone else can join people then maybe I have bad luck so you may not join. And I hope it will get fixed for real soon.
  15. so if anyone can lend it to me for a sec that would be great. And I like to point it out that co-op might be broken for me but if anyone else can join people then maybe I have bad luck so you may not join. And I hope it will get fixed for real soon.
  16. as the title says anyone know?
  17. ok so i have a E2 SMG and i am going to a vendor and i want to buy a different SMG and it's not a E2 or E3 or anything but when i buy it it's not in my list of weapons so i am spending thousands of scripts on guns but i can't use them i need help:(
  18. ok i'm looking for any boosting for achievements not ranked though:woop:
  19. best way I think to get crazy mountain seeds type in 20 GOTO 10 and see what I mean so just keep doing that and I am sure you will find some crazy mountains I already did 2 worlds with mountains this one and 20 GOTO 40. So just keep typing in those in the generator 20 GOTO and whatever number you want and see what you get:dance:
  20. I made a golf course if anyone is bored feel free to message me on xbox and try my golf course out GT: WOLFrostBITE
  21. that's what I did I made one I liked spent a good hour on it then I hit save then It said to leave page then it could not be saved hour of work doing it just gone
  22. ok I understand now would you happen to know anyone or maybe a thread that has a crew emblem request or anything in that nature cause I suck at the editor so maybe I thought someone might make one for me any help would be great.
  23. see that's what I did but when I search for my crew it just said invite friends maybe it just says that for me but for everyone else It says something different
  24. not sure if there is a thread about the social club on here but I made this anyway. Ok one thing i'm asking is I just made a crew and did everything so when I search to find a crew I type in mine and it just says invite friend. Now I want to know how do you change that so it's open to anyone I tried to select invite only or unselect that option but nothing changes can anyone lend me a hand so I can finish setting up my crew?
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