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  1. 1. Browse Social Networking - Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. 2. Watch Youtube/Iplayer/4od 3. Play Videogames 4. Draw 5. Read
  2. 5. How I Met Your Mother 4. Masterchef 3. American Dad 2. Family Guy 1. The Big Bang Theory
  3. Before I Go To Sleep by S.J.Watson It's about a woman who has amnesia and every day she wakes up not knowing anything about her adult life, sometimes she only remembers things from when she was young and sometimes she remembers her adult life. I'm really enjoying it and im only around a third of the way in but that might just be because i'm a psychology nut
  4. Peter, Just because he's a lovable idiot :')
  5. The Hobbit 8/10 I really enjoyed the lord of the rings trilogy so was looking forward to this film, the criticisms seemed to be there wasn't enough action but i thought there was definitely enough to keep you engaged, however i feel like its being dragged out as much as it can, though i do know they are most likely trying to follow the book to the best of the ability its a bit annoying that theres 2 more films to wait for
  6. I'm 18 and I'm around 5ft 9 Yeah, pretty tall for a girl :/
  7. I seemed to have gained a bit of weight over christmas but thats normal for most, I'm just generally trying to make my diet healthier for a while. I've cut out crisps and chocolate completely, banned myself from going mcdonalds and got in the odd things to try! I've only been on this diet for a week but already lost a few pounds, I quite like trying new things but I suppose its also worrying if you don't like it. My lunch usually consists of chicken salad with croutons and small amount of salad cream or a ham salad butty. My sunday roast is simply going to be chicken, boiled potatoes, gravy and a load of veg. I'm not sure if what im doing is the best exactly but its working for me especially as i have no time to exercise because of college and such
  8. I always thought it was Sun Shang Xiang for me... But when playing this game, has to be Zhen Ji.
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