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  1. I believe the Vibroblade is the "weapon" inside Mr. Slaves' anus. And if you missed it you would not be able to obtain it...
  2. I also could not get Ike either. Going to wait to start my second play through until a solid concrete miss-able character list is up. This looks like a good start!
  3. I also could not get Ike either. Going to wait to start my second play through until a solid concrete miss-able character list is up. This looks like a good start!
  4. haha you're not kidding. It was a great sale while it lasted though!
  5. Looking to do these if anyone still wants to! Message me x Jayhawk x
  6. Looks pretty similar to the other Forza games with a couple added things to do. However, repetitive? It's a racing game, I'd say its nature is repetitive. I'll grab this eventually and go for a completion.
  7. I got gold on targeted risk, I used my phone to time out 7 seconds, and then it was a lot easier.
  8. This is something I looked for while going for the 70 Gold Medals achievements, just a list of someone who had completed it of the missions they though were the easiest so I thought I'd post the 70 I completed in case someone else would benefit from it. Obviously this list will differ depending on play styles but hey it could be a start. Missions Prologue, Franklin and Lamar, Repossession, Complications, Chop, Father/Son, Marriage Counseling, Daddy's Little Girl, Friend Request, The Good Husband, Casing the Jewel Store, Bugstars Equipment, BZ Gas Grenades, The Jewel Store Job, Trevor Philips Industries, Did Somebody Say Yoga?, By the Book, Hotel Assassination, The Multi Target Assassination, Cargobob, Tow Truck, Boiler Suits, Masks, Trash Truck, I Fought the Law..., Eye in the Sky, Mr. Richards, Paleto Score Setup, Hang Ten, Reuniting the Family, Doting Dad, The Ballad of Rocco, Meltdown, Parenting 101, Gauntlet- Mission Row, Gauntlet- Rockford Hills, Gauntlet- Pillbox Hill, Something Sensible, The Time's Come, The Vice Assassination. Strangers and Freaks Pulling Favors, Shift Work, Paparazzo, Grass Roots- Michael, Rampage One, Rampage Two, Rampage Three, Rampage Four, Rampage Five, Grass Roots- Trevor, Exercising Demons- Michael, Paparazzo- The Sex Tape, Vinewood Souvenirs- Kerry, Pulling Another Favor, The Civil Border Patrol, Risk Assessment, Vinewood Souvenirs- Tyler, Vinewood Souvenirs- Willie, Minute Man Blues, Paparazzo- The Highness, Liquidity Risk, Paparazzo- Reality Check, Targeted Risk, Pulling Favors Again, Still Pulling Favors, Exercising Demons- Franklin, Pulling One Last Favor, Uncalculated Risk, Exercising Demons- Trevor, Closing The Deal, Surreal Estate. Hope all that typing at least helps somebody, and gives a little bit of an idea towards the easiest/ fastest missions I found.
  9. Hey guys, I was just wondering how the DLC for this game was? Is it worth purchasing? Not for achievements, just for the workouts and things. Thanks.
  10. Thanks Ho5ile! Since he bought mine, I will buy yours xxSUPER HANSxxx
  11. Just looking for someone to download my tuning setup, if you buy mine message me and I'll buy yours! Thanks. My gamertag is x Jayhawk x
  12. Hey guys, I'm looking to do Help From My Friends, Zeta Team, Go! I wanna get this done in one sitting, I'm on pretty much all day everyday since I'm on Christmas break. Send me a friend request or a message and add yourself to the list, my gamertag is x Jayhawk x. Looking to get these done as fast as possible. 1. x Jayhawk x 2. 3. 4.
  13. Hey guys, I'm looking to do all of Insane 4 player co-op. I'm Eastern Time and am on pretty much all the time. Just add yourself to the list and send me a friend request/message. 1) x Jayhawk x 2) 3) 4)
  14. Would like to do all the online achievements with somebody. Somebody who wants to actually finish all of them please. x Jayhawk x send me a message on live.
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