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  1. do they still give the pet rewards for three month and six month subscriptions? i really want that ice wraith.. but i read somewhere they dont do it anymore..
  2. thanks for the vid found the wolf pdq
  3. id love to see the first one redone for current consoles.
  4. mine predled today one step closer!! not sure if there was an update though..
  5. as awesome as the settlement thing sounds its not something i want to mess with till later in the game. i just wonder if there will be a drawback or penalty for waiting.
  6. none of the companions ive dismissed are in the citadel. i have no idea where they went. this game is so buggy and frustrating.
  7. mostly a stage/movie/tv actor. he was boramirs father and the steward of gondor in the return of the king. he was insane and scary there thats for sure.
  8. john noble is gooddddd..but so is pretty much the whole cast..excitement is ramping up!
  9. i think you fast travel using sign posts..there is lots of water but from the vids ive seen theres also lots of explorable islands and you can finds lots of stuff to dive for. ive seen some vids with underwater caverns too.
  10. cutterk73


    there are rumors of a red dead redemption remaster. i hope its true id gladly pony up for a remake of my favorite game of all time..
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