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  1. There's not much info out there, so this might help someone. I got it using the ring right in front of the launcher. When you pass through the ring you should get a boost. I needed lvl9 to get the distance so the timing is really difficult - I'd say more luck then anything. When I got it, I actually hit the ring but still got the boost and it just happened to hit the blimp... I would use 3 of the pods while waiting for the blimp to come round so the points target was not an issue when I did manage to get it. Good luck. Very frustrating!
  2. No... In a word, No. I am around 10 hours in and am regretting putting this on my tag. With the exception of (maybe) just goofing around, everything about it is terrible. Everything...
  3. I call BS. Sure, connections can be an issue, but I've had 4 boxes running Gears 3 without any problem, but I sometimes have problems joining my own private lobby in FH2. More like a problem with crappy servers...
  4. Difficulty 4 out of 10? You are dreaming...
  5. Agreed. Frustratingly difficult in a few spots. For Linda, just go nuts with the shotgun. Focus only on her - the other ghosts disappear once she is done. Might take a few tries, but once you get your aim right, she goes down quickly.
  6. Just to spell this out for anyone else who stumbles across the thread... Get the clothing that boosts your Face, Cop and Triad XP asap. Your Face level limits what you can buy, but you can get 5, 10 and 15% clothing for Cop and Triad XP, and the same levels for bracelets (I think?), watches and glasses for Face XP. There are several clothing guides online that will help out. I got level 10 Cop and Face roughly 2/3rds of the way through the game, with lots of 'spare' missions and tasks still to go. I managed to get level 10 Triad on the last mission without needing to replay any missions (just!). The clothing is the key!
  7. Finally got this beat! Overall, lets just say I'm not a fan of this DLC, so I think all of the challenges were pretty rubbish... The one that really caused me grief was Raven's Dome 14 - kill each enemy with the same weapon-type it wields. The RPG guys just shredded me while I was trying to work out that the others were carrying. After a couple of goes I got it with plentiful use of Return to Sender!
  8. Yep. The gameplay difficulty is about the same. I've only just started, but it seems like the only differences are some bonus levels in some/all (?) of the levels, and after every 5th level, you access a shop where you can buy stuff.
  9. EDIT - an update on 22 October fixed this problem (and the Can't Win issue too). Once the patch is downloaded, just start a game and it will pop straight away. Yay!
  10. Just in case anyone else picks up this game (don't do it!), I think the trick with the Frost Giant is to target the armour/pipes on his back the first time you can grapple him (move sideways, then up). This stops him regenerating. Then go for either arm, then the chest. If you target the arms first, they'll regenerate, meaning you have to take them out again, which means another combat to get to the grapple, which means more time. Also, in the defense of Asgard phase, once you return to the tower, you can quit to the menu then continue - you start in the same place with full health/odinforce. Make sure you're back on the tower though!
  11. No, it's all good. I've never had it say the servers are online, but the achievement popped anyway. Just ignore the message. Great work from Nordic Not everyone cares about achievements, but if they are there, they should be maintained properly.
  12. Nothing like re-hashing a very old post, but I guess if I'm still playing this game there are others too. The Orc mission mentioned above is 'Death and Darkness'. There is an excellent Youtube walkthrough of the game (on PC, but the missions are the same, made by SerCypher. This is about the only guide out there I could find and the videos are very useful). This is Orc mission 2-6. For the Dark Elves, take the optional mission 'The Crystal Shard' (Youtube: Orc 3-2). When the Shaven poison the water, Stormvermin will keep spawning one or two squads at a time. Just keep killing them and don't kill the enemy heroes until everyone is leveled up. So both factions in the Orc campaign do have a spot with infinite enemies to rank up with. Very easy, but very time consuming - the Dark Elf mission took me nearly 4 hours. I was able to set it up and walk away, but still... I'd recommend using this method if you don't get it on your other playthroughs as it is so time consuming. As mentioned above though, having top level heroes make the last few missions a breeze.
  13. Gold Star for this guide! Very easy to kill by accident in this game, but with the guide it was fairly easy to get through.
  14. I got it with Shockwave and Jammer. Jammer is a must in the last few km's/miles as the cops go nuts. Turbo at the highest level was useless for me - I don't have the reactions of a jet fighter pilot, so I would crash every time... Is there a link for the companion app mentioned above? Can't seem to find it. Anyway, thanks for the advice. I've got the racer career finished - just have to finish the cop career now..
  15. Oops! Posted in rage. This is the worst, most frustrating game I have ever played. The story is mediocre, but the tournaments are just ridiculous. I would say this is closer to 7 or 8 out of 10. The poor driving mechanics make it impossible to master, so skill level is secondary to luck. The only good thing I can say about this game is that I am now, thankfully, finished with it.
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