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  1. Just posting again to confirm the videos show for me on the link a few posts above now as well.
  2. This topic is a bit old but I want to add in that I don't see the videos either. Using Win 10 with the latest version of Firefox. Also do not show when I copied & pasted the link into the latest version of MS Edge which I never use. Just throwing my voice into this, I don't use the videos either way but they are not there for me either.
  3. I actually was using this site specific to mark them off manually. I'm a member of another that does it automatically but I prefer to mark them manually and not rely on waiting around for the sites to scan to see what I need to work on still. That's why I stayed a member of this site so many years (that and until a little over 3yrs ago I was on dialup still so manually marking them was my only way to keep track anyway). If that's no longer an option I'm pretty sure I won't stick around anymore
  4. So, can I not mark achievements I earn off manually anymore? I had several pages pinned for games I'm working on so I could mark things off as I went and now I can't do that anymore I'm not liking the design so well to be honest, sorry. Too confusing and complicated compared to the previous design. I liked it because it was simple and easy to use and see everything. Now only a handful of achievements can fit on my screen at once as opposed to 15+ at once. I can't find my way around, can't get to my profile.... can't do much anything
  5. I actually just was in to buy a usb stick to backup files for my grandma's computer last week while I worked on it and they are still expensive here Cheapest was $15 for only a 2gb LoL I generally do keep any games I want on my HD already anyway. There is only 1 that I can remember I had to remove for now to make some room. I prefer games on disc so I can just install and remove when I'm done. I still buy that way over digital. Most of the digital stuff I have is DLC but I have a handful of games I've bought or some free ones I wanted to keep on there.
  6. Oh, haha, thanks for the info. This problem was taken care of in the past already so I won't post again here. Thanks
  7. Weird, did the other person delete their post? It looks like I just replied to myself randomly now instead, but anybody looking at this wondering why it was revived, somebody else really did post on here and I had responded back LoL Spreading the games out is an interesting idea but I only have the 1 Xbox and 1 hard drive for it The games are on my account history so they can be redownloaded again. I generally keep anything I bought on my hard drive already anyway and only delete games I install off a disc or the free Gold games after I'm done. I normally try to buy most games I want on a disc to help save space anyway where I can
  8. Haha, I forgot about this thread. I had redownloaded the game a long time ago after the problem. I have not had a single problem since still and have no idea why the system decided to delete the game file to begin with still. No other problems though so I think it's just weird. Thanks though amzoun95! I'll keep it in mind if I run into another problem in the future!
  9. Maybe? Haha it's been so long I honestly don't remember now. If there were achievements tied to whatever those were then yes, I did find them as I did complete the achievement list. If there were no achievements than I may not have though It's been so long like I said and I honestly only recall a handful of minor details about the game right off the top of my head.
  10. atryeu

    Install to HD?

    I'm considering getting this game but I'd rather get it at my little local game store where I could buy it much cheaper used than I could the digital version. Can I install this to the HD so the disc wont' have to run or will it be like the Minecraft disc and can't be installed? I don't want to wear my disc drive out with a constantly spinning disc on games where I may play for a few hours at a time I don't know if anybody looks at this board anymore but just in case I do get a reply, thanks in advance!
  11. Haha yeah, this was a rather old topic if you note the date. My post was like 6 months ago and I have since got the achievement.
  12. I don't know if anybody reads this forum or not still but if so, I hope somebody can help. A few months ago I reinstalled all of my Borderlands games and DLC off the Triple Pack to replay. Today I went to start Borderlands 2 with my nephew but ran into a weird problem in the end (his character didn't save) which led me to notice there was "new" DLC listed and I realized we didn't get any of the DLC messages we were supposed to when starting the game, and the 2 DLC characters were not there. I uninstalled everything and reinstalled and it worked this time, except going to the first Fast Travel shows a star next to the Torgue & Tiny Tina locations which I found means it thinks I don't have those DLC, but I do and they are included on the install disc. I went to the Storage and noticed those 2 did not install, so I went back to reinstall them, and they are no longer listed on my install disc! They act as if they have been deleted! Does anybody know how to get them back? I dont' want to pay for a whole new set, I can't afford it
  13. That wasn't the point of my thread though, and I did mention I could download it again. I was asking if this has happened to anybody else before. The Xbox shouldn't be able to delete anything without your confirmation first. The HD seems fine still, no problems since and none before that. I still don't know why it happened but I'd like to find out if anybody else had a similar issue, so maybe I could discover the cause.
  14. It's on there Skyrim is just a shortened name everybody has always used. The full name is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It's on the list under "E", right under Oblivion (Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion).
  15. So, I was going through my Storage settings and removing some of the installed games off discs that I'd finished recently and I noticed that my "South Park: The Stick of Truth" digital game was missing from the hard drive. I am 100% sure I did not delete it, as I was going to play it again and finish my achievements. Nobody else has access to my Xbox to have done it. There was still near 50GB free on the HD so it wasn't running low, and the game was there just a few days ago. Has anybody had this happen with a game? I went through the list of games a 2nd time to make sure nothing else happened and as far as I noticed that was the only game that has gone missing. It was only the Game File that is missing, my Save Files are still there. It's still in my Download History so I'll download again tonight, but it's the point. Has this happened to anybody else? My Xbox 360 should not be deleting anything off the HD without my confirmation first
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