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  1. Nice. Happy to help. Thanks for your work on the guide.
  2. Like many of you, I have been having trouble unlocking the final Barn Find. I've cycled through the seasons several times believing it may have been related to a certain one. The other day I was scrolling through the achievement guide and saw the posting related to purchasing a castle. There was a tip for buying the 10 million credit castle (Bamburg) instead of the more costly one selling for 15 million. Anyway, after I purchased the castle (which includes a perk for a Barn Find) the final Barn Find immediately unlocked and was displayed on the map for discovery. Hope this helps.
  3. Personally, I'd like to see them tackle Hawaii with maybe some island jumping for exclusive events. I understand that Test Drive 1&2 previously did this and (bugs and all) still managed some decent games for the time and era. Monster trucks would be cool to see as some DLC as well. Launching Gravedigger or Bigfoot over volcanoes (lava and all) would be killer.
  4. All I keep finding are cloth scraps. Anyway, here come the bugs. In the mission fairly early on in the campaign where you have to fabricate a bee suit and collect the honey there has been no prompt to collect the honey when i arrive at the designated spot. I've punched the area and jolly jammed my umbrella up and in about a million times into it and nothing triggers to extract the honey. I ran across the map to another tree and was able to gather the honey i needed but it did not count towards completing the mission. On my return to the original honeyspot (again way back on the other side of the map) I ran past the "Crazy Legs" mission spot and the "Quest Found" had displayed on my hub. I had already completed this mission and now in my journal it shows it as active and incomplete. So, for shits and gigs I attempted to do the "Crazy Legs" mission (AGAIN!!!) and the runner will not appear at anytime day or night. Sigh. Also in the "Mysterious Chest" mission where you wait a day and then go back to reopen the chest the game keeps suggesting that I keep waiting a day or two to return. After dozens of attempts back and forth from one derelict bed to another it seems that this mission is infinite in duration. By the time this is patched, I'll have lost complete interest. Also worth noting if anybody else is having these "issues" I purchased the digital download super deluxe ribbed version. Honestly the game may have done me a favor, the excitement of poking people in the head with an umbrella tip gets old real fast.
  5. When you are brought back to a random Festival in the original portion of the game, pause the game and (RB) to Blizzard Mountain. From there, choose Online (Freeroam/ Adventure / Whatever) and that should solve the issue.
  6. I was able to accomplish 20 online races on Blizzard Mountain with a friend in Private Free Roam. The shortest race available is the "Snow Park Cross Country Circuit." It's location is slightly North and West on the map. Simply create a Blueprint. Set to 1 lap and any weather settings to your liking and rinse and repeat. Some races in Private Free Roam do not count towards this achievement but after bouncing around the map for awhile I found that this was one that worked. After your first race it wouldn't hurt to snap your achievements open and check and see if it counted or not. I can also confirm that these races DO NOT count towards "Online Adventurer" found in the original 1000 of the game.
  7. I haven't seen any postings relating to this as of yet so for those of you just starting out there are a couple of things to consider. When going for easy massive combo scores in the fields there is a skill point cap in relation to. A skill point (which can be spent in the skill shop) is accrued for every 100,000 points. When combo scoring at 300,000 the game will not issue any more points to spend. The max is 3 so simply bank your combo and then rinse and repeat. Any more than 300,000 is a waste of efficiency unless you are going for leaderboard supremacy. Leveling up during this process does not have a cap. Also worth noting is on the 'Timeless' radio station there are two songs which frequently play as skill songs and they are both quite lengthy. One is approx 11 minutes and the other is a whopping 23 minutes.
  8. Ok, thanks. I've got about 70 hours in Forza 6 with only 6 Perfect drafts. Was hoping to spam them on Indy...I guess I'll get closer...
  9. I've played all of the Forza racing games to death. Recently I noticed the Nascar related achievement for 100 Perfect Drafts and ever since I cannot get a "DRAFT" pop up of any kind during any of the races. I did not purchase the NASCAR DLC (because the price vs. value is insane thievery), however I was able to unlock the achievements for "5 Rolling Starts" and "5 Quick Stop Races" Any Suggestions for Perfect Drafts?
  10. Way To Go Dirt!!! The general masses love coming in 2nd to unbeatable robots. The past games have had little replay value. Now there is tons but not because of more content but more futile attempts at the same BS. Most gamers like a challenge (me included), but having fun comes 1st, not 2nd.
  11. I admit it would be way better with some gravity. I cannot keep the Lancia on the damn course...it won't hook. I spent all the money I had on this car based on using it in other games.
  12. If the track is wet, it really means ice...at least it handles that way. Also, cannot get a game of any kind in any mode online. This game probably looks better on a really tinsy tiny screen. Dirt 4 is coming soon...but they shitcanned the rewind feature (and they're the ones who invented it) so rally racing looks bleak for the immediate future.
  13. Warning: The screen in the background moves a lot more than the cars do. I'm going to throw up now...this concludes my extensive review.
  14. While going for the 40 laps on VIR I got this legit and clean with the Lotus E23 (no tune).
  15. Nice little find. Thanx for this. I was getting 1:34's giving it everything I had.
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