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  1. Just did a level twice to see if they would pop and nothing. Definitely on MS end since earlier today they were fine. Going to play something else until those unlock.
  2. Better safe than sorry but ill confirm. I have a feeling it just means kills of anyone, because in predator the achievement for last agent standing applies to anyone.
  3. For eliminate under a minute the quickest way by far is to do a 1v1 and just grab the human player. Match will end as soon as you do.
  4. I'm looking to boost all these achievements. If anyone wants to just send me a FR. I'm always down to boost whenever I'm on which is often.
  5. So I started to play halo wars tonight after awhile and got up to mission 8 when I realized no achievements are unlocking. Absolutely none. I can't figure out exactly whats going on here either. I've tried Deleting my save, clearing the cache, starting a new game continuing a game. But nothing is working. Hell when I delete the save and start up the game my save somehow reappears. Does anyone have any idea what I could do? All I can think of at the moment is two things. -Something to do with XBL? Started the game awhile back online, playing now without internet. -Im playing on a different xbox then when I first started playing -Lastly all i recall is when starting the game there was some sort of error message or something but can't recall what it said.
  6. Glad to know it's out. Was unsure if it was released yet, definitely going to grab the GFWL version since it includes achievements!
  7. Looking the 20 replay downloads I have a room going right GT:Jawmuncher Just send me a FR and i'll send you invites. I'll have it open until 11pm when I need to go to work, but it should be pretty quick/. I'm in Moutain Time
  8. That was me going agaisnt Cervantes for 40 minutes. I never want to expierence that again.
  9. I just got done with it in about 10 minutes, after a previous attempt I gave up on after 40 minutes. (Yes I suck at fighting games). Pick Hilde, Set the type to asia, and obviously choose hard mode. Basically just keep spamming LT grab by the edge of every level, while it's partly luck is much faster and easier than trying to win each round with regular fighting. Note though the 2nd stage is enclosed while the rest allow for ring outs. Though it should be easy enough to beat if you spam X and forward Y. Also I don't know if the 6th stage is always the same. When I played kilik is always though, but not sure if that's true for all. I hope this helps someone. Really don't want someone else to suffer for 40 minutes like I did trying to fight Cervantes on hard using the europe setting.
  10. This actually might be true whoever going for the tags might be able to find out for us.
  11. *UPDATE* While not the "Dont taze me bro" achievement, I did get the achievement for breaking 30 necks in the beginning of my MGS2 campaign. It looks like the kills from Snake Tales (maybe even VR) apply to this achievement as well. With that known im assuming the other similar achievements work in the same manner.
  12. Meh. I really doubt they're going to do anything for idle boosting in private matches. But I guess if someone really needs to know an answer they could post on the forums and ask there. Since he isn't answering his twitter.
  13. So the Japanese Achievement list more than likely is shared with the NA version right?
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