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  1. Thanks! =D I am planning on becoming a translator of some sort in my future since I do best with written text. I like translating from one language to another, so I think it would be good to have a job doing something that I love doing! :D


    As for helping me kill the spam bots, you can help by reporting anything that you see that is spam! :)

  2. So what are you planning on doing with the languages you learn?

  3. I wish that I could help you kill spambots. It actually sounds like fun

  4. Glad everything is going good for you to :)

  5. Glad to hear you are doing well! :) Even though it is less money, at least it is some source of income!

    I am taking French and Japanese! =D

  6. Been doing good

    Just left my old job and went into business for my self cutting lawns. Its less money for now so sadly I had to unsub :( (I miss my green name) other then that, there its not much to tell other then being busy lol

    What subjects are you taking?

  7. I have been doing good! I just moved back into my dorm again since I'm starting another year of school! Being a mod is pretty great; I get to use my shiny ban hammers on all of the spammers! XD How have you been doing? =D

  8. How have you been doing? And hows being mod?

  9. Thank you, Delta! :D

  10. I know this is way late and all but congrats on super mod

  11. Congrats on making mod :)

  12. Lol work gets in the way a lot, but I still do pretty well in competitive battles online. If anyone would like to battle with me my friend code is 4570-8850-6121
  13. Sorry for taking so long to send this long over due reply. (work has been merder :p)

    I guess your done (or almost done) with that semester by now

  14. That's how I have always checked. It seems to be the easiest and most reliable way to check
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