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  1. Nah they don't bother me at all, I've got a rather short attention span with games so its rare that I would 100% a list.
  2. Finished Thomas Was Alone, bought it ages ago so it was high time I got around to playing it. Short but enjoyable(puzzles were super easy though)
  3. That's good to hear that we'll still be able to play our installed windows 8 games on windows 10. I was considering holding off upgrading for a few days while I try and complete some games but I have no reason to now.
  4. Showing up as €2.50 here, it's 50% off
  5. Looking to boost dizzy dealer,alley oop and deep thought if possible gamertag is MangledRex just dizzy dealer and alley oop need now
  6. 805 Gaming Hours Top 25% 14605 GamerScore Top 1% 669 Unlocked Achievements Top 1% Nothing too shocking
  7. Nope its not possible, only one game can be running at a time
  8. I'm tempted, how annoying are the ads? ** Just tried it out there now, seems to be a 30second ad everytime before you play.
  9. I think it was something in Assassins Creed IV or possibly something in Peggle 2
  10. Tried just leaving it on for awhile and see if it goes up?
  11. The game is live now, just bought it for 4.99
  12. Currently at 10%, I'm looking forward to trying it out
  13. They're unlocking just fine for me
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