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  1. The game crashes and disconnects from the online servers frequently. It's been impossible to connect to a public crew v crew lobby. I've been disconnected from my crew multiple times while attempting the Landmark Tour. Once I was disconnect about 2hrs 45min at around cp 100/116. The Versatile Showman achievement has completely glitched on me. There is no way to delete save data and restart, so I won't be able to 100%.
  2. 11,100 I've had 6 successful extractions so far, and countless failed attempts. I find Ballistic Shield and Pulse to be the most helpful skills.
  3. Msg me on Xbox to boost Vertebrae Shackles. Gt: ArkhmInmate0801
  4. This roadmap really should have included instructions for how to turn skipping on in the settings. Pressing A, even with a turbo controller, is a huge waste of time.
  5. THANK YOU! It was a massive oversight not including this in the roadmap.
  6. I'm having the same issue. I've done a hard reset and still just connecting to empty lobbies. Could the MP really be totally dead already?
  7. looking to do Tier 1 achievement in Underground. GT: ArkhmInmate0801
  8. I agree. I contacted them via Twitter and posted threads on their support forums.
  9. I have unlocked the achievement "Around the Globe" in the game (it popped up and the in-game tracker is at 100%), but the achievement never popped for the Windows 10 Xbox App. I also checked my Xbox One dashboard, but it's not listed there either. Anyone else have this issue or know a solution?
  10. GT: ArkhmInmate0801 Pls message to do online achievements.
  11. Do we know if this has been confirmed, or are we basing this off the official announcement on gearsofwar.com?
  12. The new achievement description doesn't specify competitive and social, so do private match kills count?
  13. Thx for responding... I'm set to auto update Windows so no luck there. After a few days I started seeing unlock notifications again, but Librarian still won't pop.
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