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  1. I really need GOOD people to get "Timing is Everything" and I will help out with other achievements 1. xXNewbiliousXx 2. 3. 4. Please, it's hard to find anybody in xbox one
  2. Need people to get "Timing is Everything" and I will help out with other achievements 1. xXNewbiliousXx 2. 3. 4.
  3. No you don't have to . And my achievements finally unlocked but the Eggstra Nemesis is still locked
  4. The achievement for completing the game with a relic did not unlock again
  5. So I played my second game of Nemesis and was able to complete all challenges, finally we activated the Madusa and won. Everyone except for me got Nemesis Completionist. I also did not unlock the achievement for having a relic on. What a load of bull manure. I unlocked the Hat Trick, Max Exodus, and Postmaster literally the match before. Luckily the achievement isn't as hard as previous Completionist but trying to find a good team that communicates on Xbox One is tough
  6. Is it just me or is nobody even playing online for SDR3AR. I bought the DLC thinking people would be playing but I've been stuck on the searching for game screen for the past 10 minutes... Anyone else?
  7. Damn bro, I had the perfect playthrough and got all the weapons listed TWICE but I never got the achievement (Like a Glove) Now I see you added the IA-2. Wish it was there when I was playing but oh well. The thing that sucks is that no one plays the Xbox One version as much as the 360. Plus the forums seem dead when it comes to finding players
  8. Yes I'll see if they unlock after another play through UPDATE: They're unlocking
  9. As I was finishing Awakening, I got the achievement for beating the level for the first time. At this point I also completed all intel and the Egg-stra challenge but didn't unlock (as well as the level progression). Hopefully IW can fix this bug and not take as long as the "Point of Contact" achievement. UPDATE: They're unlocking
  10. Willing to help out anyone. Already got all the achievements except for the Venom X. MSG me if you need help xXNewbilicousXx
  11. We need 2 more players for Nightfall Completionist and Speed Slayer Msg me xXNewbilicousXx
  12. Still looking for a group to do Nightfall achievements MSG me xXNewbilicousXx
  13. We need two more for Onslaught Completionest 1. xXNewbilicousXx 2. Hot Juicy Pie 3. ??? 4. ??? Message one of us if you're interested
  14. Looking to do Extinction achievements MSG me xXNewvilicousXx
  15. Looking for 2 skilled people on completing all the challenges. I've been through this multiple times and failed due to teammates either not reading the challenge, the one glitched challenge, or cause the player wasn't a high enough rank. I need the players to have at least the automatic sentry unlock, of you don't then we can talk about it. MSG me xXNewbilicousXx (Appearing Offline btw)
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