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    I'm Canadian, so naturally I love Hockey :p
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  1. I saw this a few days ago too and already voted for it. Anything to get more gamer pictures. I absolutely hate the selection we have right now. Looks like they were designed by a Kindergarten class. Loved the selection we had on the 360, from games, movies, etc.
  2. Ahh dude. I would be so psyched if this game had been an actual remaster. That would have been fantastic. Thing is, the Xbox 360 version is actually worse than the original. For one thing, the colours are overly saturated and it will randomly crash too, although it is rare. It's pretty annoying but I gotta do it for the cheevos!
  3. I think it has to do with the fact that the majority of games that are popular are available digitally. They will add the popular games for Backwards Compatibility.
  4. I was planning on playing the entire campaign of Black Ops 3 on Hardened but a few levels in and I've given up. It is by far the worst Call of Duty campaign. I refuse to play any more single player in it now, multiplayer only.
  5. I have the Preview Dashboard too and to see the Achievement Leaderboard, you have to go into My Profile and then scroll over to the Achievements tab. It's at the very top.
  6. You could try deleting the app and installing it again and hard-resetting your Xbox.
  7. I got Black Ops 3 for $40. Not bad at all. It's pretty good too. Haven't played the Single Player yet though. It's Split Screen too so that's really great.
  8. Unfortunately not. If you call Xbox Support tells you to go on the forums and on the forums, all they will do is tell you why you got banned. There is absolutely no way to appeal a ban. It's pretty stupid I think.
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