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  1. 1. AJSymes (GMT) 2. acX I3lizzard (CET) 3. Lavindathar (GMT timezone) 4. xBoBx Apfel (CET timezone) 5. OctagonQontrol (CET timezone) 6. KO771 (CET Time) 7. Freddy1 Krueger + a second account if needed (GMT) 8. KrispyDominos88 (GMT) 9. DSG1980. (GMT) 10. eMPe101 (GMT) 11. F4H Music Man (GMT) 12.Darkskyofclouds (EST) 13. XXXDaDudeXXX (CET) 14. IEvil IMonkey 15. Kjeksen (CET) 16. IzzyXboxOne (GMT+1) 17. Lumpi (CET)
  2. Hi there, I would like to help each other getting the 100K achievement in kinect play fit. just add me. gamertag is "Lumpi"
  3. Hi, anybody wants to try this achievement with me? I can't win a match. My gamertag is "Lumpi"
  4. Hello, i am looking for someone willing to do the glory moment achievement from the DLC. together with the safe trick it shoudn't last to long. my gamertag is "Lumpi"
  5. Hi there, i've seen here some days ago a thread with a new and easy expert solution but i can't find this thread anymore. also the search function doesn't show any good results. has this thread been deleted? why?
  6. will you get an e-mail from microsoft with a dlc code or how do you know when your unicorn arrived?
  7. Hello, I'm searching for three other people to do the six player achievements. we are already three people. Just message me. My gamertag is "Lumpi".
  8. Hi there, I have some problems downloading the Endor DLC. I see this DLC on the marketplace but when I try to download it it always aborts it with an error like "cant download it". Has this DLC been pulled or is it just a temporary problem? Lumpi
  9. Hi there, I'm up for boosting this online stuff. Its pretty hard to find matches. Just message me: Gamertag is "Lumpi" thanks
  10. Hi there, i need someone für die online achievements. just message me. Gamertag is "Lumpi"
  11. can anybody confirm that this method is also working on the xbox?
  12. Maybe I am lucke this time. My Gamertag is "Lumpi"
  13. Hello, can these coop achievements obtained in splitscreen? Or better to say on lokal multiplayer? thanks for your answer.
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