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  1. Gamertag :JPL1982 Game : Dishonored : Death of the outsider
  2. Hi everyone, Yesterday, my gamerscore dropped from 300k to 271k. Resulting to some games are now at 0/1000G (but when I enter to see the achievements, they are unlocked correctly, the dates are correct, etc... but my game show 0/1000G) I'm the only one with this problem these days ? Thanks!
  3. Great catchy game but... A lot of achievements are not able to earn on Win10. Example, you've cleared 4th floor for the 20th time on Win10, it said you've unlocked a new gun (you know that it's 20 times), no achievements. You must play it on Xbox One too to pass the 4th floor for a 21th time to unlock the achievements. For story achievements (like bringing the broken TV to the blacksmith to unlock the robot, I don't have unlocked the achievement on Win10 and I'M NOT ABLE TO DO THE SAME THING AGAIN TO UNLOCK IT ON XBOX ONE! ((((... Please... fix this game saving sync problem
  4. I would like to know if these games on Windows 10 store (some on WP10 too) WILL BE Xbox Live enabled... someday ? -Cloud Raiders (Xbox Live icon) -Pinball League : HardHat Zone (Xbox Live icon) -Nitro Nation (Xbox Live icon) -Rayman : Fiesta Run Windows 10 edition (Xbox Live icon) And... what about Hamster Universe (W10), Xbox Live doesn't seem to be sync ?
  5. Can you explain how you've make it works on Windows 10 ?
  6. This week ; -Happy Wars (cross-platform Win 10 & Xbox One...maybe with XB360 ?) -Gimme Five (cross-platform WP & Win 10) -Headlander (shared list Win 10 & Xbox One) Next week : -Halo Wars (cross-platform & Xbox Live anywhere, anyone knows if that we MUST pre-order Halo Wars 2 to get Halo Wars remastered ?)
  7. Does anyone know if Headlander on Windows 10 is Xbox Live enabled (or will be ) ?
  8. I saw Batman - Telltale Series appeared on the store today, it is Xbox live enabled ? It could be great, a separate list like Walking Dead - Michonne.
  9. For Quantum Break, I don't have any issues with the game (unlike others that's true), regarding Steam, I p*ss on them for having removed GFWL from a lot of games that I've purchased in the past. For Gears UE, the game should have been cross-play at 100%. It's true, the multiplayer is dead and at launch, the matchmaking was not ready but for performances issues, no problems for me. For Gears 4, I will enjoy playing with my girlfriend co-op online. I really enjoyed my first Horde game last night, my gamer icon was labelled with a computer on it along with other Xbox One players. For me, the game seemed to be full cross-play last night, I was able to play VS with Xbox one players. I've recently got ReCore and I love continue my progress across the platforms. Didn't try Forza 3... $$$
  10. I've just killed Oceanhorn this morning, completed the story. This afternoon, load the game again to search for some completions (redstones, etc), my save file is broken, every islands have disappears, 0% completion. I'm still at lv14 with every key items but redstones have been reset to 0 Great...
  11. Xbox Live section on the Win10 store is growing with good titles. Add up Halo 2, Fable 3, GTA IV, among other great GFWL titles (and some rarities unavailable anywhere like Where's Waldo, Mahjong Wisdom, etc) and it could great!
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