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  1. I already have one win with each car ill try again though thanks
  2. Battle car collecter not unlocking for me yet I have every car minus the back to the future car only achievement left the rest have unlocked fine
  3. thank you for your reply to the dlc cleared that up for me and also i reinstalled the game and now its saving thanks again.
  4. Its been a while since ive been here but me and me boy have recently gone through lego marvel lego jp and lego movie now this game everything was going fine upto around 85% complete and i purchased the one remaining dlc that wasnt included in the bundle i brought . Now everything on the free roam planets was saving fine but the actual mission are not saving even if i quit out once ive done what i needed to do and save and exit it shows on the map that nothing saved . Even if i finish the level completely it still not saving progress and another note the final dlc i brought isnt appearing in the level select . weve come so far and really dont want to restart it all again the game is installed to internal hd i just dont know what to do was going to try move it to external hd as a last ditch attempt and ideas or help would be great thanks
  5. Hi does anyone know what i have to do for this shot? cant find it anywhere sorry if i missed it
  6. sorry for late reply thanks i got it after watching this vid now i just have to plat rock of rages frost bite and inferno wish me luck lol
  7. i believe theres a colour blind setting in the pause menu
  8. ye i didnt realize x braked lol
  9. there is 3 parts closest thing i could find mate
  10. ok thanks for your replies i tried the first button for around 30 mins with no luck lol oh well ill keep trying
  11. still cant work this trick out i believe maka did it in this video maybe he could help if he gets a chance at 2:20
  12. Hi guys im sure its been around since trials hd and i see alot of leaderboard users use it and ive had hundreds of times i could use it if only i knew how. Its where u land on ur back tire in a position that you should by the laws of gravity fall off but people manager to spin their rider all the way back round onto the front tire . its hard to explain so heres a video showing what i mean at 1:20 in this video im trying to platinum extreme levels im sure if i knew this technique it would help alot. any help would be great thank you
  13. 188 here getting hard now lol
  14. try completing harder challenges you get far more xp and rank up in no time
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