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  1. It’s probably too early to ask this but does difficulty matter when going for the achievements? Can I just play it on easy and get everything I need or no?
  2. Just bought it since its on sale. Wondering if there will be more DLC or not
  3. Was thinking of picking this up around Christmas time but I wanted to know how the frame rate holds up and how the graphics look on xbox and what not. Not buying this on playstation
  4. So which door is the last door I enter and can do all the bottle caps in one go? I'm already on the island at the end of the game
  5. Bought it cause I figured why not. Turns out there is no subtitles, no sensitivity speed and the controls are insanely dumb. How did capcom not go back in and fix these things? Makes the game a million times harder when I turn so slow due to the aiming speed. I can't even look down fast enough to knife an enemy I just kicked. It's painfully slow. I know it's an old game but it should have been worked on a little bit at least.
  6. So I pre-ordered this game from cdkeys, cause it was only $40, and they sent me a download code on Sunday. After the download finished it still said 'pre-order' on the game meaning I couldn't play it until midnight on launch day. So my question is do I still get a free copy of Alan Wake for pre-ordering or no?
  7. Tried playing since I bought the game a couple weeks ago and can't find matches in Terrorists Hunt. When I do it takes ages. I only have 3 achievements left to get but they're all terrorists hunt related. Wondering if its possible solo
  8. So like all the side missions and associate missions like freeing the children and Templar hunt etc; do you need to complete the optional challenges for all of them?
  9. I just had an argument where I told her to stop doing drugs forever and since my charisma was all the way up she obeyed me and I didn't get any other quests from her
  10. Had a down arrow at 98. Left to sell stuff and then came back and accidentally left my game on while I went to the movies. Came back and I had the achievement. Don't know what happened
  11. Added jukebox's and more decorations and percent went down to 98. Like wtf
  12. My main settlement is on 'Spectacle Island'. It doesn't seem to let me move those three people so I'm short 3 now. My charisma is 11 so I should get 21 people then but it's been stuck at 20
  13. Can you get more than 20 people in a settlement? Also can you move mama Murphy, Marcy long and Jim long to another settlement or are they forever stuck at sanctuary?
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