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  1. Hi folks, Looking for a guild to join; invite code: SHANE_1 I play daily, level 59 at the moment.
  2. I had the same issue and reinstalling didn't help. I had to unlock it using another phone.
  3. You should be able to add more than one person, however, it seems to be letting people only add one friend. I contacted customer care about the issue and they said it should be fixed in a future update. I haven't had any problems with the cookie dragon puzzle.
  4. I emailed gameloft customer care again and received this response: So there's hope for the issue getting fixed. Cross your fingers it's sooner than later!
  5. Yeah, that's all I have now too. I got a response back from Gameloft, unfortunately, it looks like a generic reply: Is anybody having success adding friend codes?
  6. There's supposed to be an option in the friend screens (the ones you get when clicking on the lighthouse) to add a code. I had the option originally but after I added one friend, it disappeared and never came back. I contacted customer care 2 days ago about it and they requested a screenshot. I sent them a screen shot this morning, and I'm awaiting another reply.
  7. I play the game on my phone, and had no problem auto-unlocking achievements on the W8 version (just visit the achievement screen and they will pop).
  8. Awesome tip! It makes getting Fast Finger fast and easy.
  9. Looking for more friends! My ref code is: a11d
  10. My referral code is: a11d Cheers!
  11. I've noticed some of my challenges glitched as well, but they've all been mentioned, I believe. There's also a bunch of other glitches I've run across including: -bosses freezing when using the continue option -getting stuck in the ground while running -all enemies disappearing from the stage (actually a good thing since you can run straight to boss, but I have no idea how to replicate it) -skill point reset glitch (made a new thread for this one)
  12. A big heads up to anybody wanting to reset their skills: I reset my skills today after hitting max level and grinding out the funds. Well, it reset my skills, but it didn't refund the skill points. In other words, I can't pick any new skills and I'm left skill-less. I've tried reloading, resetting the skils again, hitting my phone and notta. It looks my only option is to wait for a patch to fix or start a new toon. The one nice thing is it didn't actually spend the money, and it doesn't take long to level, so I'll probably just start a new guy. Edit: So I started my Adventurer over, and noticed my HP didn't change after putting 10 points into HP Mastery when it should've increased by 50%. I checked it on the stats screen before and after.
  13. Seems impossible to get gold on level 24 of pursuit mode without the exit trick; I tried 5 runs of perfect answers and would always come up short by a question or two. Glad to be done with the game after that ordeal. Adios, Trivial Pursuit!
  14. My first console was the Atari 2600. I can remember playing Pitfall for the first time and being flabbergasted at the dude doing the holler as he swang across the ropes.
  15. Would love to see more great games come along to wp, especially more of the old school FFs and other Squeenix titles. Although, at this point, it's nice to see anything get released with achievements.
  16. I've unlocked 9 achievements in Make it rain money over the past couple days, but only 7 registered to my xbox profile.
  17. I haven't had any issues myself with the game crashing; however, the initial load time is due to it downloading content (and alot of it!). Why it doesn't tell you this in game, I don't know. After the initial download, the load times should be reasonably fast. The game really isn't too difficult but it can test your patience as there is a bit of a luck element in completing the level objectives. Also, it is a very long completion if you're looking to get the whole 200 gs. One achievement in particular requires you to unlock 25 areas which will take a long time no matter what. Each area has around a dozen levels to it, and while they start out pretty simple, they get progressively more challenging. It's a very enjoyable game but it could lead to frustration if you're looking to plow through it quickly. I personally find it best to play in small spurts over a longer period of time.
  18. I had the same issue; I completed a collection while playing on my phone and achievement didn't unlock. When I loaded it up on my tablet, it popped no problem. It still hasn't unlocked on the wp version.
  19. The 1 hour achievement didn't pop for me until I was almost finished episode 2; I should've been closing in on the 10 hour achievement by then. I'm guessing something is wonky with how it keeps track. I still have to 3-star some levels and whatnot so I'll see if it eventually pops.
  20. I wasn't able to log on yesterday but I logged on fine today.
  21. Yeah. I had to play a level after logging into facebook before they popped, though.
  22. I've unlocked 10 achievements so far with no issues including Try Again.
  23. I haven't touched the W8 version yet, but the achievements on the WP version seem to be a bit buggy to say the least. I've unlocked 17 achievements in-game, which all popped the notification thingy, but only 15 registered on my profile. The 2 that didn't register is getting 10k gold from mp and reaching level 5. Seems like some of the achievements have their wires crossed too; first achievement I unlocked was Historically Accurate (for deploying xx myth units) which was a day or two before I deployed my first one. Also, in-game it says 20 achievements but only lists 18; looks like it's missing the level 30 and 100. Not sure if this means they're unobtainable as I'm only level 22 at the moment.
  24. It does work on the WP version. They will instantly finish as soon as you start a race; it will give you a message saying "upgrade complete." Yes, it's that simple.
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