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  1. Hard to find collectors editions currently up for sale. Link in original post.
  2. I list them at ten because I offer free shipping. After cost of shipping and fees from Ebay and PayPal I pocket about $4 a game. This doesn't factor in original cost and care. It's a steal for games you can no longer find new in stores. I will not list lower than that because I would essentially be paying people to take my games.
  3. It's that time of year again. 25 game listings are going up on Ebay tonight 5pm CDT. 360, OG Xbox, PS3 Collector's Editions, PSP, And DS titles. Don't miss out on making my collection a part of yours! Link in original post.
  4. Sounds good. I'll keep my eyes peeled, I may pick up a couple already though. >=p

  5. I'll be posting a lot more 360 titles as soon as I get more free listings on Ebay. I'll let you know when more go up :)

  6. Oi! I got an email about it. Time to check it out.

  7. Hey I've started listing 360 games. Just letting you know.

  8. I've started listing 360 games for anyone interested. Link in og post.
  9. I currently have over 150 games listed for sale on ebay; with more coming soon. The link is in my original post.
  10. I haven't been keeping up with this as well as I should. New listings currently up; at least 45 more games will be listed this month. Link in original post.
  11. Thanks! He rarely ever gets sick. The thought was he may have been bit by something playing outside, but no one could find any bites on him that looked like anything other than mosquito bites. We were told to make sure he stayed hydrated and ride the symptoms out. Scary, but thankfully he is getting back to his normal self.
  12. My son has been sick so I haven't been keeping up with updating the thread about my new listings, but I added ten more PS2 games the other day and will be listing five more tomorrow night. I will update my post with the game titles tomorrow; in the meantime feel free to follow the link in my original post to my eBay page to check out what's for sale. Thanks guys!
  13. 5 new listings of PS2 games (including hard to find title Samurai Western) go live tonight 09/24/18 @ 9pm CST. Link to my eBay listings in original thread post.
  14. Five new psp auctions tonight 09/19/2018 @ 9pm CST. Get 'em while they're hot!
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