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  1. Just asked a random question related to what he asked, to get attention of him. Disrespecting an actor/comedian who just died is more rude.
  2. I knew him since I was like 8 years old when I saw El Chavo del Ocho.
  3. Double post but needed: How is posting an article of a childhood comedian's death an act of trolling?
  4. Dude, I really don't know why are you disrespecting me and him. That is just ungrateful.
  5. You're trolling me at this point aren't you? Back off you scum.
  6. I watched both shows before and I knew who he was, dumbass.
  7. HOW dare you. El Chavo del Ocho and Chapulin Colorado were two classics of spanish television based on this man's hard work as an actor. YOU are the worst.
  8. Buenas noches dulce principe http://www.latintimes.com/roberto-gomez-bolanos-chespirito-dies-mexican-legend-dead-85-heart-failure-169736
  9. Nice to see the black kid from Attack the Block being in this movie.
  10. Man I was really looking forward on playing Mercenary Kings tonight. I loved the Scott Pilgrim game on the 360 and I really liked the Metal Slug games back in the old days, and Mercenary Kings looks like both combined in which is why I got excited to play it, I mean what can go wrong? Well, aside a half an hour of figuring out why the game kept crashing on Start Up. Seriously, when will these developers learn to fix their games before delivering? After fixing the issue I got so disappointed that I didn't felt like playing the game today anymore, maybe the game will get good by the time I finally start playing it, I truly hope so.
  11. http://megagames.com/sites/default/files/game-images/runner2.jpg http://gameyaro.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/099fb995346f31c749f6e40db0f395e3.jpg
  12. I thought the same thing, some of the CGI in that trailer doesn't really look that good, yet this is a sequel of a movie that revolutionized CGI for movies.
  13. I still never understood how I can play Wii or Gamescube games on my PC, I know there's the dolphin emulator but I don't know how to use it.
  14. So The Evil Within is already around $20 on sale, right after a month of release. Also, this exists: https://www.humblebundle.com/books
  15. Thanksgiving was 2 weeks ago for the same reason why Snowpiercer isn't on Netflix. Canada.
  16. That must be one scary ass place to be in America.
  17. I hope that wasn't meant to be a pun. I see, but even though I never disrespected Institutions for him to block me. I don't know if he blocked me in here but he blocked me on Steam, which is what I meant. I wanted to be his friend too.
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