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  1. This game is realy broken. So I have no doubt that the game would have such an stupid glich. But I checked every so oftent in the menue, to see if the yellow line had jumped. Fortuantely it had not and I got the achievement when I was suppose to. If you have all the chapter achievements, then it should be no reason for this not to unlock. If you have them all and dont have this achievement.... I cant realy help with more than this..
  2. I cant quite remember. But I think its it the start menue. Look at the bottom. If the line is yellow, then you are good to go.
  3. Good is not the right word for this game. Its just way to broken. I manadged to enjoy it, simply cause I expected it to be total crap. Expectations can realy determine if you like something or not. This game is a perfect example of that. I have no problem see why so many cant stand it.
  4. I enjoyed this game alot more than the first one. Maybe cause I was expecting it to be complete trash, lol.
  5. I thought the game was terrible. But thats my taste though.
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