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  1. Yeah. Im doing the bonus level to get my second to last gold brick and there is dark wizard items all over the map, but I start as Harry and Hermione.. is there a cauldron anywhere that someone can direct me to? Any help appreciated.
  2. If your asking how to get the Ice Key, then you will need to have Banjo Kazooie XBLA first. The game immediately reacts and opens all the areas containing SnS items to collect, then just switch to Banjo Tooie and you will have the SnS 1 items ready for use. SnS two is just mini-achievements and dont do much to be honest, I believe they are used in Nuts and Bolts from rumours.
  3. I found Grunty relatively easier than most other bosses in the game. As long as you have HONEYBACK cheat, it should be first try easy. Although admittedly, it is a pain in the ass getting the pages.
  4. I got the achievement on my 26th challenge. It should be just one more, not entirely sure.
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