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  1. Happy birthday, man! :dance:

  2. I disagree. Helping someone progress through a game as efficiently as possible without disruption is one of gaming's most sacred and solemn callings. I can't believe you would dare to be frivolous in co-op.
  3. Good luck! Make use of those biotic combos and keep some curses in the back pocket for Kai Leng and the final Earth portions.
  4. Friede gave me hell for the first phase for a real long time, but after beating that for the first time, I finished all three phases about six tries later. Only once died to phase 2, the first time. Gael is an absolute champ if he doesn't get gangbanged in the corner during phase 2. Finished Dark Souls 3 with DEG immediately on the heels of finishing the 360 stack of Dark Souls 1. I thought it would be a major contrast, but DS3 is such a copy-and-paste of DS1 that it basically felt like a better remake than DSR and not much more. DEG constantly called it "Dark Souls 1.5," and he's spot-on. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy it, but it scratches a specific itch that rewards memorization and appeals to me. I did delve into the DLC, mainly because the weapons in the DLC are broken as hell and make the stupid invasions much more manageable. I didn't beat Gael because I have no interest in the story and you don't get anything worthwhile, but I did get as far as beating Midir and Shira for that sweet, sweet crucifix. I didn't find Midir particularly tough, but it's all down to different playstyles. As a dark/pyro/quality build, the Demon Prince really gave me hell. The story in Dark Souls reminds me of the story in Five Nights at Freddies', in that everyone is fascinated more by how difficult to piece together it has been than by the story itself. It's just a dismal, shitty mythology that has no lesson beyond the futility of doing anything. Loads of maudlin sob stories that exist just to be edgy. The gameplay is equal parts brilliant and trash. The RPG mechanics are addictive, and I love how powerful the choices you make for your build can be. I love how viable every weapon is if used intelligently and how substantial the upgrades are. I hate how unresponsive the controls are, how poorly the movement controls, how badly the game wants to frustrate you. Implementing online play with such a shaky netcode is stupid. Designing whole areas to be platforming challenges when you have movement somehow worse than a GTA 4 character is assholish. But by far the worst part of the Dark Souls series is the community. By far the worst community I've ever seen. Anyway, right now I'm playing Dark Souls 2 on the 360, with online functionality turned off. This is probably the best experience I've had in this series. I can't shake the feeling that these games should be good, but after this, I guess I'll give up on them. I don't consider Sekiro a part of the series, but it's by far the best FromSoft game I've played. Back to stealth games after this, I suspect.
  5. I have way too many games I'm working on at the same time right now. Mostly a consequence of getting bored with a game, moving on to another one prematurely, then discovering that it's boring too. Right now I need to clean up Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Watch_Dogs' DLC, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered, Crysis 2 MP, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Alien: Isolation (Win 10), and Dark Souls II: SotFS. Four games that I'm into, and four games that are super tedious.
  6. Dead Rising 1000/1000 I've been trying to use the current GSL to clean up older incomplete games from back in the day. It has been slow going, but I'm very happy to put this game away after years of seeing it drifting further down my achievements list. A YouTuber named "Recommended Playing" made an excellent 3.5 hour tutorial that gave a case-by-case guide to three different playthroughs, unlocking every achievement in a methodical and not hectic manner. I worked through the video over the course of several days and then paced through "7 Day Survivor" more or less in twenty-minute chunks, stopping by every now and then while taking care of the babies at home, and it wasn't too terrible. Next on the list for GSL is hopefully Braid. Possibly From Dust, as well. Both good games, I just lost motivation for whatever reason some years ago when starting them.
  7. I got "7 Day Survivor"! No one can match our speed. I think you'll find it's the carefully-optimized choices of games to compete with that makes us so unbeatable.
  8. That really sucks. Sorry then, I know it's annoying to have a problem and then have someone seemingly dismiss it. The reality is that someone not having a glitch is basically never useful information. In unrelated news, I did actually get Dead Rising's 7 Day Survivor achievement, along with the completion! So now I have to find a way to continue to one-up myself, within the next two weeks. Maybe DEG and I really do need to do some LASO...
  9. I've unlocked a couple achievements that showed on my phone's Xbox app, but not on the console itself. Hopeful that things will be retroactively unlocked; I've never not eventually gotten credit.
  10. Nice job. So far that's three of us who have unlocked "The Dark Soul" achievement in this tourney? I'll preemptively count Ed as #4.
  11. Finished Dark Souls Remastered, and now I'm playing Dead Rising. Trying to use GSL as motivation to tackle some older games that I'm never really interested in playing. In a similar mindset, I managed to get around to finishing Crysis 2 on Supersoldier difficulty. Also, I finally got the original 1000:gsicon: in Watch_Dogs; what a bastard that game was. Still need the DLC...
  12. My plan is to go for 7 Day Survivor in Dead Rising. Because nothing says "GSL" like spending 14 hours of tournament time going for one 20-point achievement.
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