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  1. Well, personally I kill all the mutants, including the two in the basement in my others two playtroughts that I made. I didn't have any problems with the quest, only enter to the Jefferson Memorial, exit and talk to your dad that you have kill all the Super Mutants. I repeat, I made this two times after my first play and none of them have any trouble... but if you have any doubt just try what I made and maybe will work! Or, if you have the possibility, reload again and do it right. Hope this helps!
  2. I did it! :woop::woop: It was too easy with my rock band drum kit as Disco Ball said.:woop: I try different methods, with my thumbs, with my fingers, but I think I have slow fingers :( Anyway... with the drum kit was a piece of cake... she never was neck-to-neck with me. I only saw banjo and the mice very fast and Canary Mary never was in my screen. I recommend this method if you can't with the pause method... or if you have slow fingers as in my case :(. Just go to the race with a normal controller, disconnect it and connect the drum kit and press the green pad to unpause the game and press the blue pad as if you was playing run to the hills in expert. With this I can guarantee you will beat the race in minutes. Thanks a lot to all of you for your suggestions. It was very useful, believe me.:)
  3. Yeah there are two different attacks with the right/left trigger. Jump and tap one time the right/left trigger, holding the trigger makes the drill attack. Hope this helps
  4. Hi! I just want to know how to beat Canary Mary in Cloud Cuckooland. She is a cheater:mad::mad:.... or my fingers are too slow:(:(... I don´t know:confused::confused:... I heard that the easiest way to beat her is using a turbo controller... but that was in the N64... what about the live arcade version?? I just want some walkthought, method, suggestion or anything usefull to beat this stupid bird!!! :uzi: Any help?? Thanks a lot for your time.
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