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  1. I saw that and I got it, those sneaky bastards. Thanks again for the help.
  2. I think that last Stan icon hovering over the circus is the last Gold brick, I'm not sure where his actual location is but I'm stuck on this as well.
  3. Alright for anyone still reading this thread here's what I found. I did locate more Stans, the reason I didn't see any on the map is because some were hidden behind larger mission icons. I selected one and sure enough Stan was hiding behind it. The Stan in Deadpools room is the last one, after which he is apparently holds the final Gold brick location, (also possibly glitched). My Gold brick count was glitched, I had finally had enough of looking and removed the game disk to watch a movie. When I returned the disk to play, my gold brick count leaped from 238 to 248, proving that you should never play the game continuously without stop. On a side note, to get Psylocke, you must complete a race with Captain Britain.
  4. This is straight perplexing let me explain. I've completed everything story missions, everything in the extra missions, I have only one visible thing left to do on the map, (a gold brick with no real means of obtaining), but my stats read as follows: Minikits:150/150 True Believers:26/26 Red Bricks:11/11 Gold Bricks:236/250 Stan in Peril:38/50 I'm confused here, there's nothing visibly left to do but obviously I'm missing things. Has this happened to anyone else?
  5. How do you complete the interrogation without Mr. K's heart stopping? Got it, basically save electricity for the last one.
  6. I think the Handyman achievement might be glitched, I just unlocked all of the assignments pertaining to the xbow and no unlock, any tips on fixing this.
  7. I tried this many times, with different characters, it seems weird that I have to walk away from Mordor based off your description. Got it.
  8. So I should quick travel to Cirith Ungol and then walk further into Mordor or what?
  9. That was it, that's the last one for me. Thanks for all your help on this. I do have two additional questions for you relating to the last cheevos I need: How do you turn an enemy into a skeleton and is there a starting point or specific path to take when walking into Mordor/do I need a specific character?
  10. I'm very certain I got all kits for Gandalfs area, including correctly creating the stairs. If it was detected by the cheat, I went for it. So if there is a special zone either around the Gollum area or while fighting Gollum, that's the one I'm missing.
  11. Both of these helped, now Im down to two left.
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