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  1. hi there all. Just wondering if i get ALL the achievements on 360 and then transfer my profile to X1 will the heists achievements unlock? or If i save $8 Million on 360 then transfer my profile will i still have the $8 Mil on 360 to spend for my achievement as well as $8mil on X1? Im asking because id rather complete 360 and have to do X1 to $8 Mil, than transfer my profile and lose my 360 $$$ and have to re-earn $8 Mil on 360. Thanks, Toad.
  2. GT: Minardi 05 Ive done a 2001 Arrows A21 F1 car design on the Renault Spark 01-E also done a tuning setup for it, much appreciated if you could download and use them, ill be downloading the more recent ones on here. thanks.
  3. Just a quick question guys and i know the answer probably is that you can. But can you 1000G this on 360 and then again on XB1?
  4. Hi guys, after getting my xbox freezing everytime i tried to do the mission 'sweets girl' i searched the interweb for a fix and couldnt find one . I tried doing other missions and messing around but it froze everytime until i tried loading the 'autosave' rather than my manual one and guess what? worked first time so to anyone else having this issue try using your autosave instead of your manual one. hope this helps guys.
  5. Hi, looking to boost the DLC achievements, will help with others, i have 4 controllers available and am online quite regularly. add me GT: Minardi 05
  6. Hi guys, looking for some people to get some online cheevs with. ill be on most evenings this week, struggle with weekends though. gamertag : Minardi 05 hit me up
  7. thanks for the replies guys, i have exported RB1 now just need to find a copy of RB2 that hasnt had the code used :/ EDIT: Hey guys, what about the song pack 2 and AC/DC song pack? can they be used more than once or are they the same as RB2?
  8. Hi there, now is there a code for both games or just RB2? and can they be exported more than once with 1 code or not? ive heard that with RB1 you dont have to pay anything but then others have said you do, can anyone clarify this for me please?
  9. So i received it yesterday and it works fine so yeah anyone who wants to do the coop career achievements and online wins with me, send me a FR and message
  10. Hi there, well ive ordered f1 2011 on the pc and providing my laptop or pc play the game (i didnt think to check :/) then i will be looking for someone to do the online and coop cheevs with and was wondering if anyone here would like to be that someone?
  11. hey guys, im going through viewing and rating everyones currently, and have uploaded my own for the challenge File: Rothmans Astra Description: x360a100 thanks guys
  12. yeah not technically raced but went on a trackday at Cadwell Park in my crappy little citroen saxo vtr i nearly crashed it into a wall :/ but yeah most of the game physics are similar to the game the only notable thing is as someone mentioned earlier - in real life you get brake fade so you come to a corner and find all of a sudden your brakes suck and your heading towards the tyre barrier at like 60mph >.<
  13. hi there, im here in the UK and for more than just this game im going to be getting an american console soon and was wondering if any of you know a place where i could buy the american disc version of family game night that not too expensive? on play asia its like $44 and then $4.50 for shipping i was hoping for something around maybe the $20/$25 range
  14. a safe way to go for this achievement is simply 'race only' at montreal 1 lap AI off
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