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  1. Not really phased about achievements but if you wanna do them that's fine. Add me iTs sKiTz
  2. Sorry if this turns out to be real easy, but I cannot find the Legends section on my Xbox One FIFA14. I've looked everywhere and it's driving me nuts!!!
  3. Yeah this happened to me the other day, I went to the UFO and the lost hatch! You can glitch inside of the UFO,not much there but worth the look!
  4. Thanks mate, just bought an apartment and saw this thread, I got the car, highly appreciated!
  5. Yeah I bought the Collectors Edition guide, I prefer hardcover guides.
  6. sKiTz

    Worth it?

    Not really, worth the money, best game of the year so far for me. Had a blast playing it.
  7. Yeah I will but I swear I've tried everything to get to other tables, buy in amounts, different limits, single player, multiplayer.....I've played for a long time now, others have popped it and mine won't. Guess ill keep trying, but the guide should be changed as I completed the whole all pro without it popping.
  8. On Tour Achievement won't unlock I have finished every pro takedown and the All pro tourney, as well as playing heaps of ring games at every casino and it still hasn't popped, any ideas?
  9. Being a fan of the original and waiting on this one for a while, I was stoked to find out its not region locked and can be played on any account. So no need for your smart ass comment.
  10. Cheers, just made a Canadian account then and downloaded it, playing it on my main Aussie account now! Pretty good so far.
  11. Wow that's a lot of time! With kids and my job I'll be struggling to get to 100k! Congrats buddy!
  12. Hi there, Looking for some Aussies to play with preferably (only due to connection) to help out on expert! If your from another country, I'm still prepared to give it a go Add me iTs sKiTz
  13. I got it on the first play through, must of luck boxed it
  14. Vince for sure!!! I chose the rapist for some reason too, kinda believed him after he said that he missed his GF! Haha im a sucker.
  15. Honestly, considering its free I am enjoying it (especially now the servers are all good and quick) I don't play for 100% Gamerscore so the whole level 50 Rank achievement does not bother me. I'm just gonna play it until I get bored and so far I've got about I dunno maybe 5 hours out of it, so like I said, for free I can't complain. One thing though, it would be cool if they put Tigers in the colessium like they did back then.....don't tell me some tiger executions wouldn't be cool!!
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