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  1. This! I've had my share of rage-attacks, especially during the 1st career race at Melbourne (I'm with Toro Rosso) but the amount of joy you feel when you've nailed a perfect lap is so much more enjoyable than in 2010/2011. Love it!
  2. I'd love to join, we did an online franchise in Madden 11 and it worked out ok, although there were some guys that didn't respect the game - racking up the score, going for it on 4th in the 1st quarter, exploiting glitches, etc. Psyched if this works out, hopefully everybody will play the game respectfully, I live in Austria so my timezone is GMT+2. Put me down for the Colts GT: Daenius
  3. 1. You will still be able to unlock Perfect Knight 2.0 - you only have to rescue the hostages again. After rescuing a hostage, you will get the whereabouts of the next one. No need to worry about the trophies, they are shared on both saves (Normal playthrough as well as NG+). 2. Try deleting the DLC from your HDD via the Dashboard.
  4. I think the biggest problem is the AI competitiveness. I have never been in a DRS/KERS fight with any car since they are braking way too early and you can basically outbrake every single car on the track without even using DRS or KERS - I can't remember one situation where I said "wow, that hard-fought battle for -insert any spot- was good" - it's just way too easy to overtake and outpace the AI in this game, even on Legend and this is what makes F1 2011 so boring for me. There's no rush, no adrenaline. Of course it remains to be seen if they did after all fix it, but I am not getting my hopes up. To be honest, I haven't had the itch to play F1 2011 in almost 3 weeks now, I don't want to continue my career (and I am still in year 1) - heck, I don't even know if I will after this patch. Something's missing this year, I don't know what it is, though.
  5. Here's the list of (most) fixes in the upcoming patch, I can't say that I'm fully pleased, but the major stuff seems to have been fixed: Source: http://community.codemasters.com/forum/f1-2011-general-discussion-1403/476063-patch-update-thread-specific-fixes-progress-made-date.html Thoughts?
  6. Lol and you said the exact same thing last year when comparing 2k10 and 2k11
  7. I think it only depends on what team you start your career with. I started my career with Virgin, got a 4th place in Monaco and some other very good results for a Virgin (some 10th places, etc.) and only got contract offers from HRT, Lotus and Williams - which I don't really understand, because if I can get to 12th in the driver's championship in a Virgin I sure would be a good investment for the faster teams? I also think difficulty plays a big role in what offers you get. I guess on easy you'll get more offers from top teams than on expert.
  8. The big problem with F1 2011 is: The penalty system is flawed. Even more flawed than in 2010, which makes F1 2011, in my opinion, an inferior online experience to F1 2010. The people ruining your race "left, right and centre" are still very much a big issue in this year's game and the XP system (which I was super excited about) is, at its core, a great new addition. What makes it all unplayable, though, is the penalty system. I have received countless bogus penalties in online races that don't make any sense at all, I will give you 3 examples and I'll let you decide if I could have avoided receiving a penalty in all 3 cases: 1. Sprint Mode | Monaco I started the race in 6th and got bumped from behind just before the first corner by 3 or 4 cars - these are said people that ruin your race left, right and centre - effectively pushing me to the right and over the kerb, leaving me hopeless without control over my car as I got 3 or 4 bumps from behind that caused my car to move forward. I immediately received a penalty for "multiple illegal overtakes". There was no room for calculation by the system, as soon as I crossed the inside I got slapped with the penalty AND got 10xp deducted. 2. Sprint Mode | Monaco I had just taken the first corner and was on my way up Beau Rivage, and just before taking Massenet (the long left hander after driving uphill) I was smashed into from behind, causing my car to 360 and stop sideways on the track. There were about 10 cars behind me, my car ghosted and I got slapped with a penalty for "illegal blocking". 3. Co-Op Championship | Malaysia During Free Practice, when taking turn 4 (the sharp right turn after coming up a long straight) my rear decided to step out, causing a spin and thumping my car nose first into the wall on the immediate right hand side of the track. Obviously I had to reverse to get out of the situation I was in. There was no car around me, I'm not even sure if there was another car on the track at that time - I reversed, and got served with a 10-place grid penalty for "dangerous driving". Those were just three out of a gazillion of bogus penalty situations I found myself in during online racing (granted, No. 3 probably doesn't count as online racing per se). I have posted a thread with these three situations (plus one at Singapore) on the official F1 2011 forums and I am definitely not the only person that is affected by it. This is why, in my humble opinion, F1 2011 is a worse online experience than F1 2010. There is no point in an online XP system if people can effectively ruin your race and you actually get points deducted for "doing things wrong" - which you're not, obviously. I'd very much prefer an XP system that rewards you for challenges but doesn't deduct points for "screwing up". Heck, if you're unlucky, you might start a sprint session as a level 10 and end a 4-5 race sessions as a level 8. So in essence you just proved my point, thank you.
  9. Let me give you the answer to all of your questions right away: It's worse than F1 2010. In a nutshell: If you are playing it without people you know and trust it sucks.
  10. http://x360awc.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=reviewroom
  11. Ah, gotcha. You have to press A when on the difficulty setting slider.
  12. well, simply set the damage to full and then lower the difficulty level? Or lower the difficulty level and set the damage to full.
  13. Because there's always the possibility of someone not being able to beat the AI, even on Amateur. We will add the single player way also, just to be sure.
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    ... or you could just stop whining, deactivate it and actually learn braking points
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