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  1. Is it possible to play with a Ultimate Evil edition player if I only have the normal edition that was released before the Ultimate Evil edition?
  2. Is it possible to play with other Ultimate Evil edition players if I only have the normal edition?
  3. As I was creating the options through the dragon age website, it gave me the option of uploading the decisions I made using my origins account (didn't play Dragon Age on PC) but I'm wondering if I can do the same with the Xbox 360 version. So if I upload the plot lines to the website if I play the Xbox 360 version in order to transfer that to Inquisition or is that only exclusive to the PC version? Thanks!
  4. Need some assistance with the online achievement "Friendly Competition" Gamertag: Yageen Any help will be appreciated! Thanks
  5. Quitting the app and restarting it fixed the problem. Thanks!
  6. Xbox one should allow family members who don't have xbox live gold to enjoy the features of xbox live gold as long as I'm a gold member. For the past few days, my wife was able to play the free with xbox live gold exercises through her account but today she couldn't because she is not a gold member. Any clue on why that happened? Shouldn't she be able to enjoy the features of xbox live gold on xbox one since it is shared? Note: my account was also logged in.
  7. I got conflicting answers on the steam forum page when I asked the same question. http://steamcommunity.com/app/35140/discussions/0/540737414735487155/?tscn=1396926371 Basically I was recently told there that the retail version of the Batman games does NOT have xbox achievements. I already payed for the game but still didn't get it delivered. If anyone has solid proof that about its existence or lack of existence that would be great since I will have the option of returning the packages or selling them without opening the packages. Thanks!
  8. Ah excellent! Thank you for the confirmation UT Austin. It guess it is time to buy it!
  9. and oh, one more question: for those who bought the steam version, it is possible to find a way to activate xbox achievements?
  10. Thanks for the response Pants Party! Are you positive that I will be able to get achievements with the retail copy without any hassle? If yes, I will order it through amazon right away. Just need a final confirmation.
  11. Since I have the majority of my scores on xbox, I hope to be able to get the xbox achievements for this game. However, with the recent changes it is not possible to get the achievements through steam. Does anyone know if it possible to get xbox achievements for this game through the physical copy? Thanks!
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