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  1. DLC is deff dead, but I'm still trying to play. Add me to play!
  2. Just a notice to anyone still interested in this title. I'm gonna check it out, as I do with all the giveaways. Looks cool, add me to play.
  3. does it matter if you collect them all through different difficulties? or do you have to collect all 54 in one difficulty?
  4. I did too for a bit. Go back to the marketplace with the colorful tiki cut out stands. Inside the market where you can buy equipment and beer, continue all the way to the right.
  5. just getting my hands on the dlc now, is online still a bit active?
  6. looking for people to do boost fast money with. just by doing the quicker highest paying missions for a little while. deathmatches and races are cool too. add me: D RaK Fereal will also do platinum medals.
  7. so is it clear you need to upgrade the highest level of the performance mods? Cuz I'm pretty sure I've applied one of every mods, not the highest, but one... and I've yet to get it
  8. still tryna get these.. add me?! 2/18/14: Anybody with a custom logo that I can add so that I may acquire the sellout achieve? Also got a team I can start adding people to, to get the 6 player freeskate.. send me a message with a GT to add!
  9. everybody puts their name here but nobody messages anyone! let's get the 10 people in the titan and fly it!
  10. I'm getting noble achieves too and I didn't purchase anything from reach.. what are the noble maps? maybe they're an older pack I bought back when I played halo 3 & odst?
  11. add me for games & boosting achieves! gt: d rak fereal
  12. add me for the dlc lvl 30 survival! gt: d rak fereal
  13. add me to boost any online achieves, if possible. gt: d rak fereal
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