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  1. this would be like bitching that COD charges for maps every year and they dont carry over
  2. it keeps saying failed to join, after finding sessions, even when i try to create an offline/private session i remember the first horizon giving you a session list lobby to choose from, this almost seems like its finding a match with maybe 1 open slot an by the time it starts the join process someone else already joined or something also whats the difference between Road trip an free mode? i generally just wanna screw around, not be forced into races
  3. they gave away that late 2000's model GT2 which was surprising yet awesome.
  4. interested in this too since the UGR still works great at leveling up the progress bar moves every 10 seconds after just timing it loading and quiting doesnt work, they might have patched that i even went so far as to turn the xbox entirely off, the progress wasnt reset/filled in anyway but the full bar is definetly closer to 10 min
  5. okay i just unlocked it and i can say its still as effective, im already level 27 and still in chapter 0 and just reached my first night time, using the spray can girl's hideout as my main area to restock and kill zombies
  6. i agree with the OP, i couldn't even get past the opening fight with after you meet Toad. wound up just purchasing the set, i did the same with Walking Dead 2. if they simply allowed you to install to the HDD it would have fixed the issue, looking forward to going back an replaying them on next-gen now
  7. im wondering if they patched it now or if its still the best/easiest way, cause everything on YT is talking about it, but from a year ago
  8. if they let us play it on Xbox One that would be awesome.
  9. https://store.xbox.com/en-US/Xbox-One/Games/Assassins-Creed-IV-Black-Flag/0044aef3-bd7e-4478-8782-6191546dcd9a
  10. if you're talking about xbox.com make sure adblock is disabled for that site/page, somemone got a bunch of random ones on the default blacklist
  11. animals appear to spawn randomly some times not nessisarly within the area listed on the map
  12. it keeps you on track without steering and lets you travel at fullspeed autobreaking when nessisary to take turns, it literally did a drift around a tight turn without even breaking lol
  13. nope the US version has a completely different layout, that side has the copyright info for 20th century fox where your rating logo is and the Disc 1 and 2 are bolder and neither says "installation"
  14. that friggen number 15 tablet had me stumped this is a great semi-linear guide to get all tablets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChduA_2YLlQ
  15. collecting the orange things increase your profits as well, im at like 35% more or whatever
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