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  1. loved the original but skipped this at the time of release is there still an active community even if its a small one?
  2. this is like the gold edition of ultimate alliance, you cant get all the characters online so you need the retail disc its over 100$ on Amazon yeesh.....
  3. Ive read bad reviews but im a die hard X-fan so should I add this to my collection? not being able to actually play the x-men seems kind of lame are the new characters cool?
  4. my friend keeps telling me if I 100% gay tony i'll unlock the jet pack....BS or what?
  5. mostly into shooters/fighters. current favs teeken tag 2 and metal gear solid HD collection. always looking for someone to help me complete co-op games check out my list and pal up:)
  6. get kicked out of all the casinos fot the 'cheevo?
  7. is it possible to ever be friendly again with a faction you have completely pissed off?
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