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  1. They are fully translating the game at the moment, which takes time. This is an MMO RPG and there are massive amounts of text. A simple movie can take months, a videogame much longer.
  2. I've been doing these side quests as well. I don't see any achievement for them. What is the point of them?
  3. Pick the vehicle with the lightest weight. It will have the fastest acceleration which is far more important than 'speed' which actually means top speed. However one or two early tracks and a boss will need you to choose a heavier vehicle or you will get bashed off the track by the boss or too much airtime in one of the early escape tracks. For time trials and escapes, just learn the shortcuts and learn the track and everything will come naturally. One or two will be frustrating but once you get the hang of this game, it's really easy. Try other vehicles if you are struggling. Smaller is usually better. For boss battles, it's easier to drive conservatively and pick up weapon drops to destroy your opponent. Hammers are the best. Machine gun is great. Mines are okay although can come back to haunt you since the CPU is good at missing them. Last tip is don't play this game when tired. A good concentration is needed. Play other games if you want to unwind. Definitely still an easy 1000G and a really fun Micro Machines game by Codemasters.
  4. Fozki Razormaid, congratulations on almost 100% Fallout 3. You certainly do not suck at gaming at all because RPG's are among one of the hardest genres to complete. You may just be a game jumper, a person that gets bored quickly and moves on to another game. I also see you've done very well in Skyrim as well. I appreciate your honesty and you have my sincere compassion. I've had anxiety issues and gaming is certainly a great way to help a person. Like someone stated above, it's a lot better than some of the other options. The problem with mental health is it's very poorly understood by people and professionals. For a lot of people, there is no magic cure yet so we have to continue to march forward with our problems or just aim for self preservation at most. Anyway I appreciate your original post and vent away as much as you like. This is what forums are for. They are outlets designed to communicate how you feel about a subject. Also be careful which forums you visit, this forum is quite nice but some can be less so. So be selective where you post. Try to go on atmosphere and how you feel about the place. Online gaming is fun if you meet nice people. Block or mute anyone that is not.
  5. Is there a mode to switch to the original graphics and soundtrack? Most HD remakes of 2d games offer this. Anyone confirm?
  6. Easiest way is in fact Map 3 of any Force. Use the Nanman quest guy who in on your immediate left. This saves running to the noticeboard which takes around 10 seconds. Also have the game on your hard drive to reduce loading time. Just start mission, then quick out to a defeat. Keep doing this over again and officers will appear. Do not change to Maps 1,2,4,5 or 6. That was just a lot of hokum. I got all the Officer cards quickest just using map 3. I got them all in about 6 hours. Another strategy is to trade FOR the officer you need the card of and that will increase the chances. It's not really needed but if you are getting desperate it may help.
  7. I need this as well - EDIT - I have 4 people on my profile list now. Just creating an online city, people will come in and out of the game. EDIT - Have all 10 and 1000G now.
  8. Want to boost the play with 10 friends part of the treasure achievement. Will boost any other online achievements too. Please add me or PM. I will play with anyone.
  9. Championship Sprint and Super Sprint - very easy when you pick the top left track. Very hard track will give you a free upgrade after the first race. Choose traction control. It will allow you to go faster without losing control and turn better. Race 2 is easy with some practice. 3 will be a simple loop track. Wizard of Wor - Chase the blue monsters as quickly as possible before they speed up. With the bonus creatures - yellow and red, use the map to see where they are when they teleport. Also there's a bonus creature that tries to escape the level. Stay in front of the exit and shoot it for massive points. Total Carnage - Climb up a building and down then mash A. You can destroy each building in 1-2 seconds if you punch through it as well as down. Tournament Cyberball 2072 - Defending is really easy. Just time out the opposition by using the blitz. You can press A to change players before the move is initiated. I found run plays as effective as pass plays. Toobin' - Avoid getting hit or you won't get the achievement. Stay left of the river. Fire at logs when they appear. Tap that Glass - Get it easy on the 2nd level. Super Off Road - Only use nitro on long straights if you are behind. Save them for race 3. Collect money and use it acceleration. I had 4 slots on acceleration and I was unbeatable.
  10. Joust 2 is actually quite easy once you know what to do on level 3. Just move to the bottom platform and fly up as the birds come to you. Level 4 is really easy, just move to the top and beat the birds then wait for the bats to come get you one by one. Sinistar seems hard at once but with some quick practice you can mine 13-14 bombs really quickly. I was lucky that 13 out of my 15 bombs hit and he had no shield. I fire my guns and it killed him to my surprise. Smash TV is really fun. When your lives are at 0. Press A repeatedly before you die and you will most often get 7 more lives. I played for a couple hours, got the boss on 3rd attempt but died. Stay in the top left corner on the boss and wait for power ups to appear. The orange ones do the most damage. I did the 'lives trick' and I got 7 lives to take into the boss room. I got careless and was on 1 life before I beat him. Overall while some may struggle. I love retro games and I loved playing this collection. I started playing on the 13th and completed it by the 14th so quick completion is very do-able. Remember to look around for tips. I find PS Trophies forum really helpful. I would say a 3-4 out of 10 is very accurate.
  11. Looking for a nice player to boost online achievements. Will take less than 1 hour. Promise
  12. Yes, it's a big update and a big overhaul. Even though I picked the game up for a quarter of what the DLC costs, I'm really enjoying all the new depth to it. It also makes the rest of the game easier for achievements. It's a 2.5gb update, some season passes for games don't even match that so take it all into consideration.
  13. Bukodai 3 Use character Omega Shenron. (Always starts battle with max Ki even with no skills attached and no need to transform) Always back away from the character and they will continue to power up endlessly. Be as far from the other side as possible. (Even on advanced or lvl 70 in Arena, they will not attack) Purchase Whirlwind Spin from the shop. Leave and enter the shop until you see it. This is the special attack you will be spamming while your opponent continues to powerup but each ki attack will knock some of their ki meter and they will be perpetually stuck and never transform. Equip Viral Heart Disease. This will drain your opponent's health. It will drain yours as well but it will half the time of the battle. Also you can buy, although not essential. Shenron's Hide (green capsule). This boosts defence permanently and does not expire. Only takes 1 slot too. (Arena only) For stats, I put +20 on KI so I could spam it and never worry about running out. Then I started adding to Arts (special attacks) +10. Also had +4 health (not needed) and +3 on attack. Do all this and Bukodai 3 will be so much easier than the first game to complete. Stay away, do not engage and spam that attack. Bukodai 1 Note - While story is very easy, arena is very difficult for newcomers on advanced. However this step will make it a guaranteed success. Equip the following capsules (skills bought from the skill shop): 1.Vaccine 2. Senzu Bean 3. Viral Heart Disease 4. Special attack for your character. I used Cell and Kamehameha. Again for this I stayed as far as way as I could. To avoid ring out, you may need to side step. Press up and A to do so. Remember you can position yourself before the round officially begins. Story Tips for Bukodai 3: Equip Viral Heart Disease. It will make fights quicker even if it drains your health. Aquire Dragonballs for Goku. It will make the next playthrough quicker since you can unlock Goku's breakthrough (all skills available). Dragon Radar is usually found in West City where Bulma resides. All good characters usually get it this way. It can sometimes be found on the ground. Only use the Dragon radar when pressing Left Bumper. You will dash around the whole map and uncover them. Most sagas have 2 each. Some character stories are so short, you may find all 7. You will need to go to the first red dot on the last saga (Maajin) to get the final dragon balls to show up. Picollo only needs to be played once for character unlock. Ignore the guide on this one. To avoid 3 playthroughs with Goku. Save before fighting Buu with Goku and equip Spirit Bomb, Super Saiyan and Kaioken when facing his third form. Press X, A, B, Y with full Ki. Then press Left Trigger (must hit opponent and can't be SSJ). Then the mini game. Press A or X when the bars get as close to max as you can. You must do it 3 times in a row. Attack wins and you will have the chance to face Uub.
  14. I would like to do online achievements. Send a friend request or msg. Love to do this with someone. Already have over 800G. EDIT - Got 1000G. Doesn't need boosting. Just keep doing player 'quick match' and you will get it. Do this after your first ranked win. Change search options to rank so you get matched with a person similar skill to you.
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