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  1. I've sent atleast 5 messages to Ubisoft, and tweeting their support staff. Nothing except "we're aware of it".
  2. Don't think you understand. It's not that we can't find them, it's we already found them and the game doesn't recognize it in the completion ratio. Having created all of the household inventions, I know I've done so.
  3. Lots of people have this problem. Although not at 77%. Typically 89%.
  4. Well, I sent in a complaint into Ubi. Not sure if anything will come to this. It's nice to know I'm not the only cat with this problem. Hopefully they'll have a patch within a month or so. I'm not going to restart the game unless I ABSOLUTELY have to.
  5. Ahh... wonderful. Really disappointed Ubisoft released this game with so many bugs like this. Especially completion stuff. Best of luck to you. I'll try and get an email in there to them and report my issue as well.
  6. I think you'll have to be further in the game.
  7. has anyone addressed the 89% completion bug for the Almanacs? Because I'm screwed out on that one right now.
  8. I'll add to this since I'm stuck with the NTSC version of this disc: I did this with a turbo controller and used Trish. Made this WAY easier. Just have it spam X and roll when necessary. Another thing you should constantly be doing is round trip. Roll, hold Y in the middle of your roll, and release Y so that we you're not wasting time swinging your sword at air. For the Wolve rounds, just keep jumping in the air and letting the turbo controller do it's thing. If you're impatient, use devil trigger on the ground and round trip the wolves (release devil trigger before you go back up in the air). I don't know how anyone does this in 3 hours. It took me 6 hours, and that was also with a full inventory.
  9. 40 Views and no replies? Nice. Well I'll answer my own question for anyone that has this problem. I played through Dante's scenario with Trish with a maxed out inventory. Yes, it's ultimately longer to go through, but it makes the boss fights insanely easy. Especially if you use her air raid ability. It's completely overpowered.
  10. I'm about to start my playthrough on Must Die mode with Trish. I realize that even though it's the hardest setting, it's still very easy for a Devil May Cry. So my question is, do you suggest going through Dante's scenario (given how easy it is to farm items and orbs) or playthrough Lucia's, even though the orb farming isn't as easy (giving you less items).
  11. I've tried several times to get the wing from Rathalos... but nothing. If anyone has the musket, could you PLEASE hit me up and let me get Divine Wind? Anything you want and it's yours. GT: More Credible
  12. Do you need the armor for this achievement? I have the rail gun, radome, and jet pack. Will get to the custom heads when I progress deeper.
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