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  1. 500K was my goal when I first started my love of unlocking achievements. That was 12-years ago on Xbox 360. I played a lot of crappy games to get here, but it was a fun journey.
  2. Which level is the Garbage Truck on?
  3. I scored 5 runs in Caravan mode and no Achievements unlocked. Am I doing something wrong? If you change the language on your Xbox to Japanese, the Achievements will unlock.
  4. I realize this game is old, so doubt this board is active, but I'm in the Tomb of the Pharoah and there is a glitch were it's health bar won't show up. I damage him to a point, he disappears, but nothing happens. Any idea?
  5. Yup. Hole in One is glitchy too, but it actually will unlock eventually.
  6. Hole in One and The Floor is Molten Rock seem to be glitchy. It took me multiple tries in both regular and time trial to get Hole in One to unlock. Still cannot get The Floor is Molten Rock to unlock.
  7. I think this will easily be an 11-15:hour one, depending on skill level. It's a tough game so far.
  8. Use this thread to discuss the achievements of Snake Pass. The following link has a list of the achievements in the game: http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/snake-pass/achievements/
  9. Just rebought it last week and the load times are ridiculous
  10. Can someone send me a call out. My GT is Chester Cheevo.
  11. Thanks for the guide for Three Fourths Home!

  12. So I completed the mission .45 in my hand where I stole the supply truck for Cassandra and nowe it just shows "assign a district to cassandra". Where or how do I do this? Did it glitch out?
  13. Yeah I'm not sure what is going on. Hoping someone that has it posts a guide.
  14. What is strange is it shows 44% of tracked gamers have unlocked this on Trueachievements.com.
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