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  1. With the new update to the site, my guide for "The Medium" may take a while to appear officially. So for those tough-to-get achievements, here are those videos. I hope they help you. 🙃
  2. Research & Records Hiss Research Hiss Ranger (Airborne) Reports Alice Wake Interview Black Market Blessed Organization Darling Investigation Director Investigation Door Appearance Employee Misdemeanor Ethics Investigation Hartman Arrest Hartman Background NASA Cooperation Review Shaded Specimen Captured Specimen Escape Assessment Underhill Background Wake Evidence Research The Shadow Shaded Hartman Night Springs Screenplay Pg. 1 Night Springs Screenplay Pg. 2 Night Springs Screenplay Pg. 3 Night Springs Screenplay Pg. 4 Wake Photograph Case Files AWE Bright Falls (1976) Summary Bright Falls (1976) Supplement Eagle Limited Summary Eagle Limited Supplement Fra Mauro Supplement Fra Mauro Summary AI Arcade Cabinets Procedures Arcade Cabinets Supplement Train Car Procedures Tractor Procedures Tractor Supplement Vending Machine Procedures Correspondence Official Casey Inquiry Cauldron Lake Update Missing Agents Resignation Letter Trench: Official Warning Non-Official Ahti Postcard Chain Letter Interrogation Complaint Keystone Inspection Motel Complaint Staffing Issue Dead Letters Actor for Hire Brain Missing Foot Gossip Multimedia Interviews Brian Hennerman Interrogation Dr. Hartman Interrogation Fra Interrogation Langston Interrogation Suspect Interrogation FBC Recordings Dr. Hartman’s Notes: Next Steps Dr. Hartman’s Notes: The Darkness FBC Reminder: Billable Hours FBC Reminder: Law of Three Motel Observation Music Langston: Freestyle Langston: Me and You Hotline Wake Faden Rides the Elevator On Writing the Manuscript Hartman’s Final Act The Third Thing Valhalla Nursing Home Wake Writes a Beginning If you happen to come across in finding one NOT on the list, please inform me so that I can add it to the list. Thank you.
  3. NOTE: As I am the sole author of this guide posted on here and over at the sister site playstationtrophies.org, I have the right and permission to post the same albeit slightly worded guide on both sites as I did ask admins prior in doing so.
  4. Chief Investigator 15:1gs: Find 80% of the hidden locations in the Investigations Sector Although the description states "80%", finding these 5 in-video will net you this achievement. [ame= ] [/ame] Workplace Recreation 30:1gs: Play a single game in Arcade Mode You can find the Shüm arcades in Active Investigations. Only playing either Deadline or Crowd Control will net you this achievement. They consist of these arcade modes: Crowd Control - horde mode until bar is filled up from defeating enemies. Crowd Control (Challenge) - same as above but with tougher enemies. Deadline - defeating enemies will add 5 seconds to the timer. Deadline (challenge) - adds only 3 seconds when killing or seized enemies. And this arcade unlocks after beating a level in Shüm: Shüm 2 Former The Anchor Mold-1 esseJ Feedback Loop Ashtray Maze Note: After beating all arcade modes, you'll receive the Extradimensional Suit. Surge Protector 15:1gs: Kill 50 enemies with Surge Once you've reached the control point in Operations Corridor, you'll have enough materials to unlock Surge (please see Surge of Power). To use Surge for this achievement, shoot it directly onto an enemy or on the ground as they walk past it then press to detonate it. This must kill them. Enabling One-Hit Kills will make this one go super fast. You can grind these in the Shüm arcade mode - Crowd Control (Challenge). Elevated Mind 15:1gs: Kill 25 Airborne Rangers Airborne Rangers are the new Hiss enemies introduced for this DLC. They're very recognizable as they hover, firing at you. They'll start to spawn as you reach Operations Center. Enabling One-Hit Kills will make this one go super fast. You can grind this one in the Shüm arcade mode - Crowd Control (Challenge) if running through the DLC area doesn't spawn them. In-depth Investigations 15:1gs: Find 80% of the Collectibles in the Investigations Sector There are quite a few collectibles in the AWE DLC. Majority of them you'd pick up and the other will be given to you by the game as you enter new areas and defeat new enemies. Please follow this CHECKLIST to see if you're missing any. Remember - you don't have to collect them all, just 80% of them. Multiple Applications 15:1gs: Use Multi-Launch to hit 3 targets Initially, Multi-Launch skill is available as soon as you start the DLC. You need 8 skill points to unlock it. To use it, hold when selecting an object then select 2 additional objects to launch by pressing . Once you've targeted at least 3 enemies, release . This move doesn't have to kill them but it must hit them for this to register. If you have no skill points available, just reset your abilities for 30,000 Source and upgrade all of the Launch skills first to get to this node - Multi-Launch. Secret Achievements Familiar Methodologies 15:1gs: Fight off Hartman When activating the elevator, Hartman will stop the progress of going up as you must connect cores to generators to escape the Darkness and Hartman. Once you speak with Langston on the intercom once you power up the light generators, this achievement will pop. Vending Spree 15:1gs: Destroy 80% of the Altered Vending Machine instances There are quite a few of vending machines in the AWE DLC. Basically, just attack them. If the machine reveals to be altered (random and it'll be glowing red), kill it. Just follow the map below for their locations. If you happen to find them all and the achievement didn't pop, fast travel to the closest control points and re-attack them. Also note that if the lights are on on the machines, the random altered spawn MAY occur. And if this didn't work, close the game out then relaunch it. There are also 2 more vending machines in the Shifted Passage hidden location ( ) but the location closes after you've exited the hotel sequence hence why it is not on the map below. The clock code to open said passage is 17716497 (special thanks to YouTube user Kaiser Ryu for this). The Third Thing 30 Defeat Hartman This fight takes places in the Bright Falls AWE. Be mindful of the Darkness as it depletes your ability to use launch attacks. To get the fight started, you must connect 4 light core generators. Initially, you'll drain his health but his second stage adds a shield as he will start knocking off the cores from the generators. You must reconnect them for Hartman to be vulnerable to your attacks. If you're having trouble beating Hartman, bring in a Ranger for help and/or enable One-Hit Kills, Immortality. This will save you a huge headache. Surge of Power 15:1gs: Upgrade Surge to the maximum level Once you've reached the control point in Operations Corridor, you'll have enough materials to unlock Surge. Materials to upgrade it fully are dropped at random by killing enemies, completing missions, and opening crates. When you do have enough materials, head to any control point and head to ASTRAL CONSTRUCTS. Level 1 - 15,000 Source, 1 Shaded Facet, 3 Confiscated Motive, 2 Hidden Trend. Level 2 - 20,000 Source, 7 Confiscated Motive, 3 Shaded Facet, 4 Hidden Trend Level 3 - 25,000 Source, 15 Shaded Facet, 9 Hidden Trend, 1 Untapped Potential Work Smarter, Not Harder 15:1gs: Attach a Surge grenade to an object and Launch it at an enemy Once you've reached the control point in Operations Corridor, you'll have enough materials to unlock Surge (please see Surge of Power). From here, just shoot a bench/desk/box with the Surge, it and launch it at an enemy - make sure it hits them for this to count. Also, you don't have to kill them with it for it to register.
  5. Overview: - Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10, 1/10 (when One-Hit Kills, Immortality is enabled) - Offline: 195:1gs: [11] - Online: 0 [0] - Approximate amount of time to 195:1gs:: 3 - 4 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%] - Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 - Missable achievements: None - Does difficulty affect achievements: No - Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None - Extra equipment needed: No - DLC Price: $14.99 DLC: Altered World Events Difficulty: 4/10 [1/10 when One-Hit Kills and Immortality are enabled] Time to 195:1gs:: 3-4 hours Unobtainable/glitched: None Altered World Events DLC Introduction: "Is that THE Alan Wake? The famous writer?" Well, yes, it is, Director Faden. Welcome to the new DLC expansion of Control, players - The AWE DLC. It was released by Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 Games. Head to the Investigations Sector as a mysterious person calls for your help there. With a new Service Weapon in tow (the Surge), it's your job to cleanse this part of the Old House of Altered World Events, hunt down vending machines, play some arcade games, and eradicate Hartman as it scared the daylights out of Langston. Now take control and do your job. Or is someone writing your actions...? Walkthrough: Step 1: How to approch the new DLC The DLC will start up after finishing the main game's story; Preferably at ENDGAME. Recommended Setup - A mod setup is not recommended here unless you want to try it legit. For those Control casual players, do yourselves a favor and play as I did on my replay of the DLC. Go to OPTIONS / GAMEPLAY and scroll down to "Immortality" and "One-Hit Kills" - check them on. These optins will save you a lot of headaches when it comes to dealing with the Hiss and Hartman. Hence why I gave it a 1/10 with these features on. Don't worry - they won't affect your trophy progression as these are not "true" cheats. These god-like features will help you out on several, if not all, the achievements in the guide.
  6. Out of Options is given to you by Marshall as you head from Crossroads to Canyon Rim. As this is part of completing the DLC, then you must've run into the bug that many PS4 users did. Try this, although it did work on the PS4 version of the game, it may work on the One as well: copy your save onto a USB drive. Load the game from the non-USB save. Load the ENDGAME checkpoint. From here, continue playing The Foundation DLC like normal. If, in fact, you only needed one collectible, the first one you receive/collectible will make this achievement pop.
  7. During my run on the Xbox One version, I did not run into that bug the PS4 version had. Nonetheless, the video only shows the collectibles you interact with to collect; not the ones the game gives you when you enter new areas, defeat enemies, or Hotline interactions. Here is the entire list to check off. Research & Records Cave Paintings Foundation Pillar Leylines America Overnight Fatality Talented Janitor (found in Chasm in the same area as the Maneki-neko) History of the Oldest House Pyramidic Geometry Power Cores Foundation Etchings Hiss Sharpened Astral Copy Astral Mimic Astral Spike Case Files Maneki-Nekos Procedures VHS Tape Supplement Meteor Hill Summary Kyiv Summary Kyiv Supplement Movie Camera Supplement Movie Camera Procedures (Jesse Faden starring in "Swift Platform" mission; Not in Video) Meteor Hill Supplement VHS Tape Procedures ("Found Footage" mission) Correspondence Relocation Order Foundation Accident Unacceptable Behavior Memo Adventure Accepted Were-Everything Green Shift Account Pt. 1 Ash: Request Denied Northmoor: Final Warning Computer Program Shift Account Pt. 2 New Language Shift Account Pt. 3 Northmoor: Medical Results Multimedia Log 1: Discovery Log 2: Foundation Log 3: Work Log 4: The ID Log 5: Pyramids Log 6: Departure Log 7: Changes Log 8: Purpose Rejected Episode America Overnight Ep. 382 FBC Reminder: Windows America Overnight Ep. 367 Brian's Movie Den Ep. 3 Hotline The Foundation Departure Rituals Becoming Director End of the World Out of Options Astral Entities (when "Pyramid" mission is given) Two Birds, One Bomb
  8. PLEASE NOTE: This guide is very similar to the one over at the sister site: PlaystationTrophies as I have gotten permission from admins here that doing so is okay as I am the sole author of said guide.
  9. < Make/Unmake > 30:1gs: Use Shape and Fracture a combined total of 100 times This one will come naturally as you continue playing the DLC. When you first enter the Astral Plane, you'll have the option to either use Shape (left side) or Fracture (right side). To use Shape, just highlight the makeshift platform then press and hold . To use Fracture, you can just unload on the crystal structures with your Service Weapon. It doesn't matter which one you choose first, you'll be granted the other option later on in the game. Hostile Work Environment 15:1gs: Kill 50 Hiss Sharpened This one will come naturally as you continue on with the story. The Hiss Sharpened are the shirtless ones carrying pickaxes. These are the easiest to work on for the "Rush Job" achievement. Be cautious though, as they do tend to teleport. Rush Job 30:1gs: Kill 100 enemies with Shield Rush Before you can tackle this one, you must upgrade Shield Rush in your Abilities skill tree, under SHIELD 1. Four ability points will initially unlock it and you'll need a total of 10 ability points to max out its true damage after the update. Damage an enemy enough so his health is very low, then hold and press to evade right into them. This move must kill them for it to count. Once fully upgraded, you can just hold and wait for your energy bar to refill to use again during a fight with multiple Hiss goons. Niche Position 15:1gs: Find all hidden locations in the Foundation There are a total of 10 hidden locations in the DLC. I recommend hunting for them after you've received both Foundation skills (Fracture and Shape). Follow this video for their exact locations: [ame] [/ame] Subterranean Research 15:1gs: Collect all Collectibles in the Foundation *BUGGY* There are over 40 collectibles in the DLC and I have complied a list in the video on the ones you need to pick up but not the ones you'd receive automatically by defeating new enemies, entering a new area or through cutscenes which you'll get once you'd beating the story-related DLC. If you are just missing a couple, check the video description for time-stamped collectibles. Here is also a CHECKLIST to follow if you can't figure out which one you're missing. [ame] [/ame] Bug Note: If you happen to run into the bug that prevents you from getting this even after beating the story DLC and crossing everything off of the checklist, then load the ENDGAME checkpoint. From here, continue playing The Foundation DLC like normal. If, in fact, you only needed one collectible, the first one you receive/collectible will make this achievement unlock. Supportive Staff 15:1gs: Have a Deployed Ranger kill 5 enemies After completing "Complete the Ritual in the ...", Emily Pope will arrive at the Nail where you got your Foundation powers. Speak to her and she'll tell you that Rangers are available to help when called on. To call one in, just head to a radio comm station and hold . To get the Ranger to successfully get a kill, lower the enemies' health then let the Ranger kill them. This doesn't have to be done in one Ranger spawn as it is accumulative. These Ranger radio network locations are at Cave System (Cave Bridge control point), Warehouse Path (Warehouse control point), Collapsed Department control point, and Lower Crossroads control point. A Strong Foundation 30:1gs: Complete all Missions in the Foundation There are a total of 6 missions (not counting the mission's objectives). They're listed below with locations on where to discover them and the others are given to you as you continue with the story. The Foundation The Nail Pope's Collection (Warehouse) The Pyramid Found Footage (Chasm) Jesse Faden starring in "Swift Platform" (Collapsed Department/Transit Access) Secret Achievements One of Us 15:1gs: Gather all the Maneki-nekos There are a total of 8 Maneki-nekos (cat figurines) to find in "The Foundation" DLC. They consist of tasks such as flipping switches, locating hidden areas and so forth. Follow the video on how to get these felines to get those cutie cat ears. I recommend hunting for them after you've received both Foundation skills (Fracture and Shape) to avoid roadblocks. Once you have collected all 8 cats, head to Collapsed Department control point, head to those long catwalks, and float to the very last lower one. You'll notice the Maneki-nekos there. Enter the room and collect your cat ears. For #3 (1:58 in video), you can stop the elevator when the shaft turns red from the Hiss node to make it easier to melee. [ame] [/ame] Star Performance 15:1gs: Complete the Side Mission "Jesse Faden starring in 'Swift Platform'" As you progress through the story, you'll release an Object of Power, a movie camera, from the Evaluation Hall in the Collapsed Department. Take the elevator located in Transit Access, as you'll see the camera on a transport cart. After a failed attempt to cleanse the camera, you'll have to fend off some elevated Hiss and a level 10 Hiss Trooper. Just shield yourself until he gets knocked off by one of the deviders. The Third Act Villian is very similar to Tommasi. Use Launch attacks to knock his shield down then unload on him with Grip. There are times where he lands on your transport - melee him as it uses no energy, and try to throw in a couple of Shatter blasts as well. The perfect opportunity to Launch attack will be when he has debris he's about to toss at you; launch at his debris then launch attack him. The key personal mod to have is a Launch Health Recovery, even if it's low grade. Astral Plumbing 15:1gs: Discover the Astral Plane restroom As you progress through the story, you have to head to Data Entry and Filing/Collapsed Department. After clearing out the area of Hiss, you'll head down a long hallway with restrooms to your right. Head into the men's room. Jesse will shout out, "Someone call a plumber!"
  10. Overview: - Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating] - Offline: 195:1gs: [10] - Online: 0 [0] - Approximate amount of time to 195:1gs:: 4 - 5 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%] - Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 - Missable achievements: None - Does difficulty affect achievements: No - Unobtainable/glitched achievements: Yes, Subterranean Research is buggy - Extra equipment needed: No - DLC Price: $14.99 DLC: The Foundation Difficulty: 4/10 Time to 195:1gs:: 4-5 hours Unobtainable/glitched: Yes, "Subterranean Research" is buggy The Foundation DLC Introduction: As the new Director of the FBC, you are summoned to take care of a situation at The Foundation through a phone call in the Hotline Chamber. Unless some areas are blocked off by Hiss nodes, it's okay to run away from a fight in case your health is too low. With new skills and abilities to use during a fight, take advantage of your environment to pick them off one by one. With new and more power versions of your mods, grab your Service Weapon and solve the mystery around the Nail. Good luck, Director! Abbreviated Walkthrough: Step 1: Recommended Personal Mod Setup - I highly recommend looking out for a Launch Health Recovery as these are a good addition to the game. This one will also come in handy when tackling the "Jesse Faden starring in 'Swift Platform'" mission when going up against The Third Act Villain. The other two to look out for should be Health and Seize Accelerator mods. Even if the they're low grade, equip them then deconstruct it/them when you obtain better grade ones. The only thing about looking out for these mods are that they're dropped randomly, and you may miss the opportunity on such drops if you run by the enemies. Focus on reload, damage and damage after kill for weapon mods. The main two weapons to focus on are Grip and Shatter. Shatter is perfect when the Sharpened rush you to create some space. Upgrade Health 6, Energy 6 and Shield Rush first. With the new update, the developers have added new abilities for you to upgrade. These will be essential for the new enemies whom have a desire to just rush you relentlessly. Work on finding all of the collectibles, Maneki-nekos and the hidden locations after receiving both Foundation skills (Shape and Fracture). This way when you go hunting for them, you won't hit a roadblock due to a lack of skill needed. Remember that even when claiming all of the collectibles, you must have finished the Foundation story for you to be credited as finding them all as some are given to you automatically by the game when entering new areas and finishing missions. Call in Ranger help when available at the radio network stations if you feel that the situation beforehand is too much for you to handle. I have discovered that if you did not call in a Ranger during your first playthrough that an entire squad of Rangers will join you in the final boss confrontation. Step 2: Finish the story DLC to unlock all of the collectibles. The DLC will start up after finishing the main game's story so you should be in ENDGAME prior to being assigned this mission. When choosing which Foundation skill to go with first makes no difference as you'll get both as you continue the story DLC. There is a possibility that you'll run into the collectibles bug, meaning that is you can actually kill a new enemy (i.e. Hiss Sharpened) and the game didn't recognize it and not credit it to you as discovering it. This will only affect "Subterranean Research". So please view that particular achievement for more details.
  11. Very understandable points. That's why I recommended that some difficulty runs should not be stacked with another achievement, especially when it's your first go 'round. I did Hardcore with no item box opening on my wife's account (but not healing. What is you CRAZY?! ) and I did an ok time of 2 hours, 38 minutes. But that is with me playing it through 6 times through now. I will do a finally sweep of the guide in the coming days to finish it off. That's why grinding for those Shop perks is so important, it'll save you some headaches down the road.
  12. Hospital (as Jill) Elevator Notice In the Underground Storage saferoom next to the typewriter. Employee Memo On a slat close to the door you've entered in a room with 2 zombies and a Pale Head. Unfinished Activity Log In the Surveillance Room after putting the fuses back together. This one is story related, so you can't miss it. NEST 2 NEST 2 Employee Regulations On a small hand cart in the saferoom. Isaac Graves’ Diary From the saferoom, go up the steps, go right then left until you reach a deadend with a body (he will wake up). The diary is on the floor next to him. Essay on Vaccine Synthesis On a hospital cot close to the vaccine synthesizer on 2F. Shipping Notice On a small cart next to the stairs in the room that requires the USB Drive to open. Beware of the handful of Pale Heads here. Weaponry Authorization Request In the lab room upstairs from the previous file. Scientist’s Dying Message From the preivous file, head downstairs and wave through the hanging body bags and into the left. As you enter the door, this file will be on your right next to a body. Expression of Concern In the Incubation Lab on the 2F, on a table next to some monitors. Disposal Center In the next saferoom after a cutscene. Right beside the door. Weapon Spec Sheet After defeating Nemesis Stage 2 in the pit, in the next saferoom, next to a first aid spray on the shelf. Suspicious Contract Memo After finally killing Nemesis Stage 3, you'll head up a latter. The last file will be on the floor next to the door frame BEFORE you exit.
  13. Clock Tower Plaza (as Jill) U.B.C.S. New Weaponry Notice In the saferoom (Dilapidated Shelter) on the right next to a bucket and Mine Rounds on a bench. Clock Tower Brochure This one lays on a bench close to the water after going up the latter. Hospital (as Carlos) Spencer Memorial Pamphlet This one is right next to the door with a lock pick on it, on the right. Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 25 Lays on the counter right next to the tape player on 1F, Lab Reception. Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 27 On the right side of 2F, Records Room saferoom, on a shelf. Nurse’s Journal: Sept. 29 In the Staff Room on 2F next to a computer monitor, where you need a key to open the locked door. Memos from Administration In the same room as above, next to the door that requires a key to open. Note about a Tape Recording On 2F, Nurses' Station on the desk close to the safe. RE: Lost Items Located on 1F, Operating Room. Requires the Hospital ID Card to open. Banquet Invitation After combining the tape player and cassette, use it to access Dr. Bard's office on 1F. Next to Dr. Bard's body on a desk. Email from Nathaniel Bard Same room as above, this one is story related so you can't miss it.
  14. Substation Internal Memo Right beside the door you must lock pick to continue. Chad's Notes After turning on the third power generator, you'll have to climb a latter, and it'll be right in front of you. Sewers Increased Sewer Security Before you slide down the watery incline, head to the door that requires the battery pack to open. Research Assistant’s Logs After you slide down the watery incline, keep going straight and up a small latter. This one will be on a desk. Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo In the same room as the previous one. Sewer Worker’s Notes From the previous two files, head out and turn left at the split. Continue down this path, and keep hugging the right wall, you'll enter a sewage waterfall. The file will be at the deadend. A Love Letter? From the previous file, continue out the sewage waterfall and down the corridor. Up the small latter and enter the room. The file will be at the end of the room on the left. Demolition Site Notice of Demolition Delay As you're getting chased by Nemesis through the Demolition Site, you'll run into a saferoom. The file will be next to the typewriter. Raccoon Times Reader’s Column After leaving Kendo's Gun shop, you'll enter a building with a Ne-α Parasite. Head up stairs and it'll be on the bed. Police Station (as Carlos) Email Outbox After defeating Zombie Brad, turn around and make a U-turn to your right. There will be a room on your right. It'll be on the desk. ID Card Security Protocols After Tyrell opens the shutter door, this file will be on the couch on the left as you enter. Sept. 20 Arrest Report This file will be in the West Office on 1F on one of the desks. Internal Memo This file is on 1F Darkroom in the saferoom next to the typewiter. Note to a Friend Found in the Shower Room on 2F. 3F Locker When opening the Safety Deposit Room on 1F, this photo will be attached to the whiteboard on the right as you enter. Report on the Mansion Incident This file is located in the S.T.A.R.S. Office after blowing up the wall in the Shower Room with C4. It's in the small office to the left as you rejoin Tyrell.
  15. Jill's Apartment Building (you must turn on the lights for these files to be obtainable) Jill's Report On the board by the light receptacle. Investigation Notes Next to Jill's Report on the board. Unsealed Envelope On the shelf next to the board. Message from a Colleague Next to the pizza box in the kitchen. Redstone Street Station U.B.C.S. Ammo Crafting Guide On a bench as you exit the subway car. Tabloid Front Page Located at a magazine kiosk as you go up stairs. U.B.C.S. Herb Field Manual Located on a table next to the typewriter. Downtown Drugstore Owner Journal Next to a dead body where the first safe is located. Subway Employee’s Memo On a desk in the office where you can obatin the shotgun. Kite Bros. Railway Manual Located in the Subway Control Room on a chair. Training Log Next to the dead body after obtaining the bolt cutters and Nikolai cutscene. U.B.C.S. Suicide Note After leaving the area from the last file, make a right to find this file by a dead body at a deadend. Electrician’s Note From the previous file, follow the right wall and this file will posted on the wall by some wodden crates. Your Charlie Doll You may want to backtrack for this one after obtaining the Lock Pick. This area closes off due to fire. You have to lock pick the door at Toy Uncle's to get this poster as you walk in. Subway Power Substation Fax from Substation Chef On the desk opposite the typewriter. Green Herbs: They Work! As you exit the saferoom, this file will be right next to two green herbs as you take the stairs down.
  16. Minimalist 40:1gs: Complete the game without opening the item box. If you haven't purchased the hip pouches in the Shop, I highly recommend you tackle this one on Standard difficulty. But if you have, it will expand your on-person inventory at the first safe room by four slots. Only pick up items that will propel the story forward and items you know you'll need. Make weapon pick ups a priority as the two handguns on Jill won't be necessary since they both use the same ammo type. Also, try not to run "I Might Need These Later!" with this run since you may get seriously hurt as the coins are located in the item box, especially when fighting Nemesis Stage 3. Save precious ammo by skipping fights by running by them. Hoard Lighting Hawk ammo as this weapon is beast later on against tougher enemies. Just combine high grade powder to make more ammo of it. If you see an item you don't need, leave it. It will take up a necessary slot in your inventory that you'll just discard anyway. Combine ammo slots so that won't take up necessary slots, and load your weapons often. I Might Need These Later! 40:1gs: Complete the game using 1 or fewer recovery items. You can actually stack this one with a Nightmare or Inferno run since the only time an herb will be used is when you enter the spider lair at the Subway Power Substation to get rid of the parasites Jill gets infected with. The recovery coins will recover any health loss if you happen to take any hits. Two Recovery Coins will cost 8000P in the Shop in the Main Menu under Bonuses. Quickly tapping the button, if grabbed, will actually effect how much damage you'd receive. So beat the QTE before the enemy's attack, and you'll receive no damage. Sprinter 50:1gs: Complete the game in under 2 hours of play time. Please see "Jill Valentine" for more details for this one. Secret Achievements First Escape 20:1gs: Escape from Jill's apartment building. Story-related; you will not miss this one. You'll obatin this one after the Nemesis chase from your apartment. Somebody to Lean On 20:1gs: Escape from uptown Raccoon City. Story-related; you will not miss this one. You'll obtain this one after the quick-time event against the Nemesis on the rooftop. Escape from the City 20:1gs: Make it out of Downtown Raccoon City. Story-related; you will not miss this one. After dodging Nemesis' rocket launcher attacks and meeting up with Carlos, several cutscenes will play out on the subway cars as you try and escape Raccoon City. I Don't Feel So Good 20:1gs: Leave the clock tower plaza. Story-related; you will not miss this one. When playing as Jill again, you'll fight Nemesis in his second form. After defeating him, you'll be infected by Nemesis. Dominator 50:1gs: Complete the game on "Inferno." To unlock inferno difficulty, you must've completed the game on Nightmare difficulty first. Please see "Jill Valentine" for more details on how tackle this one. Nemesis Down 40:1gs: Cause Nemesis to relinquish an item. After powering up the four generators at the Subway Power Substation, Nemesis will do his best Kool-Aid Man impression and break through a brick wall. Have a grenade ready and toss it at his feet. Try not to do it too early, and wait until he begins to walk towards you. He will drop a supply case that you must examine first before claiming what's inside. Nemesis Down? 20:1gs: Defeat Nemesis on the rooftop. Story-related; you will not miss this one. This one will pop after the fight atop the tower inferno at the Demolition Site. The Carlos Express 20:1gs: Leave R.P.D. Story-related; you will not miss this one. After meeting up with Tyrell at the S.T.A.R.S. office, you'll receive a call from Jill on how the subway cars wrecked. An Unfortunate End 20:1gs: Defeat zombie Brad. When starting the RPD location as Carlos for the first time, mow down Zombie Brad as Tyrell picks the lock at the front door. Pick up his card when he is out of commission. Jill Valentine 50:1gs: Complete the game with an S rank on "Inferno." To unlock Inferno difficulty, you must've completed the game on Nightmare difficulty first. Please follow Step 2 in the Road Map on how to take on this difficulty head on. Skipping a majority on the areas in the game will be a must as time does play a factor when going for this achievement. The coins and items to carry with you should be as follows: x2 Recovery Coins, x2 Iron Defense Coins, x2 Assault Coins, S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat Manual (for perfect dodging), and x2 hip pouches. The pouches will not be in the item box but next to it. Only the Infinite Rocket Launcher will need retrieving from it and store any items you start out with. Going by that you know the layout of the game already, you will have no problem speedrunning through this difficulty with these items in tow. The only real danger, in my opinion, will be the start of the game since you'll be "stock Jill" with no coins. The first zombies are tricky (the one that rushes you when you regroup with Brad, the one by the fenced gate by the school bus, and the two zombies that exit the elevator). After this, just glide through the game. The other real roadblocks will be when Toy Uncle's big head comes rolling down (mistimed dodge can actually get you crushed) and Nemesis Stage 3. So make a save prior to these events. Remember to also keep saves to an absolute minimum (5 max) as too many saves will affect your S Rank. Let it be known that there is no checkpoints in Inferno mode, and some typewriters will not be available in some safe rooms. Just unload on every enemy you see with the Infinite Rocket Launcher even in slowmo mode. The splash damage will not hurt nor stun you in slowmo mode. There will be no need to pick nothing up, only the story-driven items. You can carry herbs just in case an enemy got really lucky and hurt you. Doing this will have you in the 1 hour, 25-40 minute runtime, well under 2 hours if you're going for that "Sprinter" achievement as well. I Need a Hero 20:1gs: Withstand the zombie siege. Story-related; you will not miss this one. After giving Jill the vaccine, you must defend her as Tyrell is hacking to close the shutters. When planting the C4 and holding out for another 30 seconds, the pillar will collapse. The Pursuer 20:1gs: Follow Nicholai deeper underground. Story-related; you will not miss this one. After defending Jill's position as Carlos, you take control of Jill again. Head to the underground location under the hospital. Here, when persuing Nicholai, you'll head up on a lift but the fuses will burst. You'll be tasked to locate and place the fuses back into its panel (please see "Electric Slide" for more info), you'll link up with Tyrell and head further into the underground facility. Nemesis Down!? 20:1gs: Defeat Stage 2 Nemesis. Story-related; you will not miss this one. After synthesizing the cure, you'll run into Nicholai as he takes it from you. Here in the pit, you'll have to defeat Nemesis Stage 2. Nemesis Down!!! 20:1gs: Defeat Stage 3 Nemesis. Story-related; you will not miss this one. When facing Nemesis in his Stage 3 form, you must bust his acid growths to down him momentarily. This will give you a chance to place the cores back into position to fire the weapon again, ending him for good. Goodbye, Charlie! 40:1gs: Destroy all Charlie dolls. *MISSABLE* There are a total of 20 Mr. Charlie Dolls throughout the game. When you're near one, it'll give off a small jingle. Please follow the video below for their exact locations. [ame] [/ame] Conqueror 40:1gs: Complete the game on "Nightmare" or higher. To unlock Nightmare difficulty, you must've completed the game once on any difficulty first. Please see "Jill Valentine" for more details on how tackle this one.
  17. Basic Chemistry 20:1gs: Craft an item. As soon as you regain control of Jill after meeting Mikhail Victor in the subway car, head up stairs, grab the two green herbs and combine them in your inventory. You can also do this with the gunpowder. Gunsmith 20:1gs: Improve a weapon. After heading down some steps and into a handful of zombies, head right, up the steps and into the left. Here, it'll be a storage room with a safe near a body on the floor. Use the combination of 9 LEFT, 3 RIGHT, 7 LEFT. It'll reveal a laser dot upgrade for your pistol. Combine it in your inventory. Get Organized 20:1gs: Expand your inventory. You can expand your inventory slots in the Control Room at the Subway Power Substation. It is on a small latter next to a window to the right as you enter the room. Power Stones 40:1gs: Place all jewels in the clock tower monument. *MISSABLE* To get this one, you first must find 3 fancy-looking boxes that you must examine for it to reveal what's inside. Their locations are: 1st Fancy Box (Red Jewel) - Moon's Donuts' safe room 2nd Fancy Box (Green Jewel) - Toy Uncle Supershop (lock pick needed) 3rd Fancy Box (Blue Jewel) - Supermarket across the street from Fancy Box #2 (bolt cutters needed) Go to the Subway Station saferoom near the typewriter where the clock tower monument is located. You'll receive a hand grenade, Tactical Stock (shotgun upgrade), and a hip pouch upgrade. Electric Slide 40:1gs: Gather the fuses in the warehouse within 5 minutes. *MISSABLE* This one can be a bit intimidating if you don't know where you're going so just follow the video below. This one takes place after you regain control of Jill after Carlos' hospital defense. Also, remember that the timer doesn't start until the fuses blow. [ame] [/ame] Hello, Charlie! 20:1gs: Destroy a Charlie Doll. The first Charlie Doll is located after meeting up with Carlos in the subway. Turn around and head up the stairs. It will be between two newspapers stands on the right. Please see "Goodbye, Charlie!" for all of their locations. Two For One Deal 40:1gs: Defeat two enemies with a single shot. One of the easiest way to get this one early on is with the shotgun, and on the baby spiders at the Subway Power Substation. Just have them group together then unload on them. You must kill them with one shot though. Another easy method will be on your way to the Power Substation, to your right will be a fence with zombies lined up. With the shotgun, have the ones at the far end lined up then fire. Bookworm 40:1gs: Read all story files. *MISSABLE* There are a total of 56 files within the game and are scattered throughout most levels. LINK Kendo's Armory 20:1gs: Collect all weapons in the campaign. *MISSABLE* There are four weapons to collect in the entire game and all must be collected by Jill. Here is the list accompanied by their pick-up locations. M3 Shotgun - Located in the Kite Bros. Office building. Bolt cutters will be needed to obtain it. MGL Grenade Launcher - Located in the Sewers after sliding down the water incline and defeating the first Hunter Gamma, keep going straight to find it in an office. G18 Handgun (Burst Model) - Located in the Hospital Makeshift Sickroom as you regain control of Jill, on the counter next to the double-door exit. .44 AE Lighting Hawk - Located in the Hospital, Courtyard area, but you must make your way to 2F, go through a crawl space, then jump out the window to the Courtyard. Note: The weapon upgrades and weapons given to you by the game won't count as these are given to you automatically. RE: Master of Unlocking 40:1gs: Unlock all safes, lockers, strongboxes, and pickable locks. *MISSABLE* There are quite a few strongboxes, safes, lockers and pickable locks in the game. Other than the ones at the police station, Jill will have to do most of the dirty work here as she carries the game's only lock pick. Carlos can open the strongboxes at the police station after obtaining the ID Card from Zombie Brad at the start of the level. Here are their locations: Safe: Dot Sight, 9 Left-3 Right-7 Left (Downtown) Hip Pouch, 9 Left-15 Right-7 Left (Police Station, 1F, West Office - Carlos only) Dual Magazine, 9 Left-3 Right (Hospital, 2F, Nurses' Station - Carlos only) Strongbox: Strongbox (Subway saferoom, near the clock tower monument) Strongbox (Subway Office) Strongbox (2nd floor of the house close to Kendo's Shop) Strongbox (Police Station, as soon as Tyrell opens the shutter, left side of room - Carlos only) Strongbox (Scope Assault Rifle / Police Station, 1F, West Office - Carlos only) Strongbox (Police Station, S.T.A.R.S. Office - Carlos only) Strongbox (Hospital, left side hallway after exiting Reception as Jill) Lock Pick: Lock (Toy Uncle Store, backtrack as soon as you get lock pick) Lock (to turn on 4 generators; story related) Lock (Hospital to underground; story related) Locker: Locker (Moon's Donuts) Locker (Subway Office) Locker (Garage 88 saferoom) Locker (when you first enter the Subway Power Substation saferoom) Locker (Sewers, in the room where you pick up the battery pack) Locker, CAP (Police Station, 2F, Shower Room - Carlos only) Locker, DCM (Police Station, 3F, Third Floor Hallway - Carlos only) Locker (Hospital, 2F, Staff Room) Locker (Hospital, Emergency Entrance where zombies break through glass during Carlos' run) Locker (Hospital, 2F, Linen Room) Note: Strongboxes that have no lock on them do not count. Survivor 40:1gs: Complete the game on "Standard" or higher. Please see "Veteran" for more info. Veteran 40:1gs: Complete the game on "Hardcore" or higher. Starting the game on Hardcore will stack with Standard. During your first playthrough, explore the areas, hunt down the Mr. Charlie Dolls, weapon collection, lock picks, safes, files and strongboxes. This should be the run where you must study the layout of the levels as it will come in handy during later, tougher runs. Don't worry about time since you'll be working towards that later (please see Step 2 in the Roadmap). Although the caption states that you'll receive a bit less ammo when crafting but I didn't notice a difference. When confronted with a handful of zombies, feel freel to run by them. This strategy will be helpful when going up against the Hunter Betas at the Hospital. Flash grenades will be the key to conserve ammo, but hand grenades will knock them out completely. When conserving ammo for the grenade launcher, focus only on flame and explosive rounds since mine rounds can't be crafted. Acid rounds only slow down enemies and will take multiple shots to kill them. A lot of boss fights against Nemesis will take a bit of strategy but nothing too convoluted. Just stun, when possible, then unload on him with what you have. Use dodge () into your strategy when taking him head on. A shotgun will cause major damage. By his Stage 3, the final encounter, will test your dodging skills. Just remember to grab the pistol ammo and healing items BEFORE you grab the experimental weapon to fire at him for the first time. Beating the game on Hardcore will unlock a new difficulty, Nightmare. Sensational Work! 50:1gs: Complete the game with an S rank. Please see "Jill Valentine" for more tips on getting an S Rank.
  18. Overview: - Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10. 2/10 once you've unlocked the Infinite Ammo weapons from the Shop [Achievement Difficulty Rating] - Offline: 32 [1000:1gs:] - Online: 0 - Approximate amount of time to 1000: Likely anywhere from 11-15 hours, depending on which achievements you'd want to combine as well as save points for grinding kills for Shop items.[Estimated Time to 100%] - Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 full playthroughs but 4 is recommended with save point weapon kill grinds. - Missable achievements: Yes, several. See individual achievements for more details - Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes - Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None - Extra equipment needed: None needed, however buying items from the Shop, which requires you to beat the game once to unlock it, will make the tougher difficulties levels much easier. Introduction: Leaving so soon, Jill? I think not, at least that's what Nemesis' thoughts are. We return to Raccoon City, and, I must say, it is gorgeous-looking with awesome game mechanics to boot. Unlike Resident Evil 2 Remake, this one does not have a Side A/Side B campaign run so getting to Point A to Point B will be rather quick, and once unlocking several key items from the Shop, the harder difficulties will seem WAY too easy after repeat runs. Step 1: Beating the on Assisted/Standard/Hardcore Depending on whether you are a Resident Evil vet, Hardcore may be your cup of joe but a full campaign run on either difficult setting is a must to unlock the harder difficulties. I recommend starting on Standard just to get the feel and locations of the game. Then work your way up the food chain as difficulties do stack i.e. if you start on Standard then finish the game on Nightmare, you'll also receive the Hardcore achievement run. Also, during this run, hunt down all of collectibles (Mr. Charlie Dolls, locks, safes and files.) You can try a campaign run with multiple achievements together, such as "Sensational Work!", "Minimalist", "I Might Need These Later!," "Sprinter" which involve completing the game with an S rank, complete the game without opening the item box, complete the game using 1 or fewer recovery items, and completing the game in under 2 hours. Although, tackling some of these off gate will require superb knowledge of the game, what will be needed and where to go just by skipping entire sections and avoiding enemies. Please see 'Step 2' for more on making higher difficulty runs much easier. That being said, you'll unlock these achievements no matter which ones you've decided to stack as they're story related. They are: Basic Chemistry - Craft an item. Gunsmith - Improve a weapon. Get Organized - Expand your inventory. First Escape - Escape from Jill's apartment building. Somebody to Lean On - Escape from uptown Raccoon City. Escape from the City - Make it out of Downtown Raccoon City. I Don't Feel So Good - Leave the clock tower plaza. Nemesis Down - Cause Nemesis to relinquish an item. Nemesis Down? - Defeat Nemesis on the rooftop. The Carlos Express - Leave R.P.D. An Unfortunate End - Defeat zombie Brad. I Need a Hero - Withstand the zombie siege. The Pursuer - Follow Nicholai deeper underground. Nemesis Down!? - Defeat Stage 2 Nemesis. Nemesis Down!!! - Defeat Stage 3 Nemesis. Step 2: Save Points for Weapon Kills to Buy Shop Items As you familiarize yourself with the game's levels, sections and where enemies spawn, making save points is a must when it comes to grinding weapon kills for the Shop items that will make things a lot easier in the later, albeit more difficult campaign runs. Once you've reached these safe rooms, make a save and note which points require which weapon kills. -Raccoon City Outskirts / Dilapidated Shelter (Find a way above ground) Work on Grenade Launcher, Shotgun and handgun kills. After 6 kills in this area, reload save. Rinse and repeat until you've reached 120 kills with the Grenade Launcher. -Hospital / Makeshift Sickroom (Defend Jill) Work on Assault Rifle, handgun and overall kills. If you're working on this section DO NOT plant the detonator as this will keep the zombies spawning continuously until you run out of ammo. Rinse and repeat. -NEST 2 / Storage (Get the vaccine) (Work on Lighting Hawk kills. After 5 kills in the room that needed the USB Drive to open, reload save. Rinse and repeat until you've reached 80 kills.) Once you have enough points, go to Main Menu / Bonuses / Shop. The first thing to buy will be the Infinite Rocket Launcher (for 62,400P) as this will make campaign runs a breeze but won't come in handy during your "Minimalist" run (more on that later). You will also get additional points from completing tasks that are tied to achievements so no need to worry on those. When enough points are earned, start working on these: x2 Recovery Coin (8000P), x2 Iron Defense Coin (8000P), x2 Assault Coin (8000P), S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat Manual (6400P), x2 Hip Pouch (9600P). To get all of the necessary items listed you'll need a total of 114,400P Step 3: S Rank/Higher difficulty Runs To tackle the Nightmare and Inferno runs, make sure that you have have all of the items listed in Step 2. Obviously you can't get "Minimalist" during these runs since you have to open the item box to retrieve the Shop items. For the Nightmare run, I did not have to save once since the checkpoints are pretty decent, so just speedrun through it since, at this point, you'll know what to get and what you can skip. For the Inferno difficulty run, believe it or not, the real danger prior to certain sections in the game, is the first zombie that lunges at you when you meet up with Brad, the second zombie by the fenced gate (near the school bus) after acquiring your handgun, and the two by the elevator as you must time your dodges perfectly to get by them or lure them away. If they happen to grab you, it's instant death, and it'll reload you to the only "free" checkpoint, when you're climbing out to through the window onto the fire escape. After that you must keep your saves to a minimum as this will affect your S Rank on that particular run. 5 saves max will keep your S Rank safe. Make a save at these points: after activating the power at the Substation, head back to the Garage 88 saferoom where you first got the bolt cutters, just in case you mess up trying to avoid the Toy Uncle big rolling head, and the saferoom after defeating Nemesis Stage 2. With the coin perks equipped in your inventory, you should be able to knock these runs out with 1 hour, 35-50 minutes, but well under the 2 hour mark for the "Sprinter" achievement. You can actually stack "I Might Need These Later!" since the only time you'll use a health herb will be when Jill gets infected at the Subway Power Substation. This is where the Recovery coins come into play. Remember to practice your dodge skill (+) so that when Nemesis or any enemy at that gets to close, you'll enter slowmo, hold then fire since the Infinite Rocket Launcher cannot hurt you, causing a nice radius of splash damage. Step 4: Minimalist Run For this run, I recommend Standard since playing on Assisted will automatically give you an Assault Rifle you can't put away/get rid of. Only pick up items that you'll know you need and items with the little trash icon, discard immediately. Hunt down all of the hip pouches to expand your on-person inventory. Or, if at this point, you've already bought the pouches in the Shop. You don't have to kill every zombie in the area, just the ones that'll be in your way on your trips back and forth. Remember, under any circumstances, DO NOT open or get near an item box. Opening one up will void the "Minimalist" achievement. Conclusion: Although the outcry from Resident Evil fans has been that this game was a bit short and lacking in content, I absolutely enjoyed it. I've even gone as far as getting all of the Records challenges done just to continue playing. Playing the game through twice really gave me the confidence to run through areas since I know what to expect. So "Wellcome" Jill and Carlos into the fray!
  19. Thank you for the cheese method for the Leviathan core, I only needed that last one above Killington's door. I was writing my own guide to this but life got in the way and just kept playing this awesome game until I had everything. Here are some additional tips I had on my guide: Arena Endless Run: Endless Mode, for the Are You Not Entertained? achievement, will last around Wave 75 and roughly about 60 -75 minutes. It's safe to say that Strife is the key to beating all waves as his special ammo, Static Shock, is perfect for crowd control and, depending on your creature core setup. Save your Anarchy/Chaos specials for bosses or tough enemies. Apocalyptic Run: When the prompt is available and you're surrounded by enemies, use it. This will give a small i-frame from damage. Don't use it if a core or chest is close by, though; you may accidentally pick it up/open it, leaving you vulnerable to damage. Make it a priority for collecting the Abyssal Armor pieces and shards for the Horsemen. They'll unlock two additional slot for Major Creature Cores as they will come in handy in boosting your stats when tackling the Apocalyptic difficulty. Run through areas that don't impede your progress and only fighting your way out when you're block off by a soul gate. Blademaster Achievement: Every third of his health down, Moloch will change his swing attacks from one, to two then 3 attacks ending with a sword ripple that will damage you if you cross it. Keep attacking him with Strife until his special ammo meter is available. Static Shock is perfect as it will find Moloch even if he's offscreen. When he starts to do his crystal area attack, immediately hug the wall in the 12o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock postitions (whichever one is closest to you). When your Anarchy special is ready, hold the to continuously fire at him as you take no damage in this form. [ame] [/ame]
  20. Funny. I was just about to post something about this. If the achievement, "They're gone", is not unlocking for you, just try this: go back to the dashboard, quit the game, reload the game, then without messing with the settings, load your previous save. You'll start at the beginning of the cave area and finish the chapter. If the game continues with without you being able to choose your dialogue options, repeat the method of reloading the game. For some reason, there's a bug that is messing with this achievement hence why the game doesn't save your settings.
  21. I’m in the process of replaying the game on my wife’s account to see if this is a true missable achievement or otherwise. I’ll return later on today and make the proper corrections.
  22. First Contact 100:1gs: Reach Nova outpost. Story-related; unmissable After running into the first Eclipse enemies, continue forward and you'll run into Abigail Ross. Unscathed 100:1gs: Get through the swamp chase without losing any health. (You can lose shield though) During the chapter, The Chase, you'll have to outrun and avoid the Gunship's attacks. As the description states, you can lose your shield but not health. Giving your first skill points and upgrades to Shield Recharge will help out tremendously. Only the will be needed to guide your bike away from damage. [ame] [/ame] If you missed getting this one on the first try, just back out to the Main Menu and restart the chapter. Explorer 100:1gs: Find the hidden puzzle crate in the first mission. When you first run into the Eclipse compound during the Outskirts chapter, and after the dialogue with 73-Q, go to the far left of the area. Continue and follow the pathway and you'll run into 2 creates. The second crate is the achievement puzzle one. Once completed, the achievement will pop. [ame] [/ame] If you missed getting this one on the first try, just back out to the Main Menu and restart the checkpoint. Supplies 100:1gs: Find supplies for Nova outpost. Story-related; unmissable During The Colony chapter, and after disabling two generators to disable the force field and defending your position, you'll have to head towards the construction site. Here, just kill all of the enemies and the achievement will pop. Tower Hacker 100:1gs: Hack all three towers in mission 2. Story-related; unmissable When choosing which tower to hit first makes no difference, all three require the same objectives: kill all hostiles and solve the mini games. After solving the last mini game, the achievement will pop. GlobalView News 100:1gs: Find all tablets in Aurora Outpost. When clearing out the base in the Aurora Outpost, look for 3 tablets in the area that are close in proximity. Please follow the video for their exact locations. [ame] [/ame] Nebula Hunter 100:1gs: Destroy all Nebula drones in the desert. You must destroy 11 drones in the Nebula chapter after the Gunship red spotlight/stealth section. Please follow the video on their exact locations. Your bike does have limited ammo as it substitutes as your stamina bar indicator on how much ammo your bike has left. Just speed around to fill it back up. [ame] [/ame] If you missed getting this one on the first try, just back out to the Main Menu and restart the chapter. And it goes down! 100:1gs: Get rid of the Gunship, once and for all! Story-related; unmissable After finding out on what happened to the people of the Nebula Base, you'll be tasked to leave on your bike, but doing so will trigger the Gunship to attack you again. Try and avoid its attacks and destroy the drones in your way for skill materials. At the end of the first section, the Gunship will be available for you to fire on as well as the end of the second section, in which you can destroy it. Life and death decision 100:1gs: Make sure Jay survives the game. Story-related; unmissable Throughout the game, Jay Rockwell will contact you and will let you know on the troubles he's been having since you guys crash landed. Regardless on what your responses are to Jay, he will make it through to the end. They're gone 100:1gs: Finish the game. Story-related; unmissable After solving the last hexagon puzzle, the achievement will pop. (Regardless of which option you choose afterwards)
  23. Overview: - Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating] - Offline: 10 [1000:1gs:] - Online: 0 - Approximate amount of time to 1000:1gs:: 5 hours [Estimated Time to 100%] - Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 - Missable achievements: None, due to selectable chapters - Does difficulty affect achievements: No - Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None - Extra equipment needed: No Introduction: Welcome to Planet Eden, Lieutenant Nora Harwood. While looking for a new home as earth has been heavily polluted and overcrowded, Planet Eden is the new home mankind desperately needs. But something has been happening to the inhabitants of Planet Eden and your task force has been dispatched to find out what. From publisher Headup Games and developed by Elder Games, get ready for an action RPG with an ancient mystery to uncover in Eden. Abbreviated Walkthrough: PLEASE NOTE: I am going by the first playthrough prior to the game being patched for bugs and glitches. The game does not have a difficulty achievement, so feel free to play on Easy Mode (the other, Normal Mode). As you start building up your Nora, focus on maximizing your shield first as you level up (in the pause menu, under SKILLS - INTELLECT). The AI seems to be having a trouble knocking your shield down just as fast as you can kill them. Then move on to your health (in the pause menu, under SKILLS - STRENGTH). Once you have enough materials, you can upgrade the passives as these are essential if you want to survive Eden. These materials are drop by defeated enemies and opening crates: Liquid Nitrogen, EM Coil, Energy Cell. You can get a great deal of materials if you upgrade EXPERT in the pause menu, under UPGRADE. So I highly recommend you upgrade EXPERT first then move on to SHIELD RECHARGE. The Rifle is the best weapon in the game but inaccurate with it comes to continuous fire. The pistol does heavy damage but it is slow firing; try going for headshots only, but this proves to be difficult as well. So, turning on Aim Assist will help out a lot. Avoid using your pistol in any heavy gunfight as it fires slowly with the accuracy being so wonky. Stick to your rifle in ammo is maxed; only use your pistol when in an one-on-one situation. Some crates that you open may require you to solve a connect-the-dots puzzle before you can collect the materials inside. So if you don't want to miss out on the materials and you failed to solve the puzzle, as it will lockout on you after the timer runs out, just get yourself killed or reload the checkpoint. Also, the other mini-game when opening crates, you need to move left or right to avoid collision with obstacles which last 30 seconds. I couldn't seem to back out of these mini-games so play cautiously to get through it, otherwise, the 30-second timer will restart all over again. Mop-Up: Although some achievements are considered "missable," you can always exit out to the Main Menu and restart the chapter. Conclusion: With the story and combat a bit loopy, and my aim drifting up for no reason (a bug), this game is okay for what it is - a 5 hour romp with very easy achievements to pad your overall gamerscore with. The story was very reminiscent of Dead Space with a dash of Mass Effect thrown in but played like neither.
  24. Overview: - Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 - Offline: 5 [210:1gs:] - Online: 0 [0] - Approximate amount of time to 210:1gs:: 3 hours to 3½ hours - Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 - Missable achievements: No - Does difficulty affect achievements: No - Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No - Cost: $12.99 (USD) / Size: 10.09MB Introduction: On a quest from Vulgrim, Fury must travel into the Serpent Holes to remove an ancient threat that resides there. All new locations, puzzles, and enemies await the chance to test Fury’s abilities. As a reward, she can unlock all new weapon forms for the Hollows as well as the biggest prize of them all: The Abyssal Armor. To start this takeback quest, load an old game save then speak to Vulgrim as he tells you about his woes on the Serpent Holes. You can access the Void on the Limbo tab at all the Serpent Hole menues. Abbreviated Walkthrough: With no difficulty achievements attached to this DLC, feel free to play on Story mode. Keepers of the Void add-on will take you to the Void where unknown entities have taken over the Serpent Holes, and Vulgrim has tasked Fury to retake them. The DLC will have five sections, four of which will test your puzzle-solving skills and using your Hollow skills to conquer each section. If you run into a roadblock, fret not. Just look at each individual blocks as they may contain an Orb that has to be hit with a charged attack to solve the puzzle and place the Orb to progress to each Wing's boss. The fights themselves are a piece of cake when going into battle well prepared. Conclusion: Although some of the battles are rinse-and-repeat, the new Hollow weapons and new battle armor are worth the trouble, especially when still working on the main story campaign. Give 'em hell, Fury! "I'm here to restore order to the Serpent Holes. Any last words? I didn't think so." - Fury Keeper of Colossal Automata 90:1gs: Defeat Void Defender Construct After defeating the Stasis Hollow boss, Dovox, you'll go and face Ionos. He'll have all the of previous Wing bosses' combat traits (i.e., ability to take away your current Hollow, ground shock waves). You can take a few Havoc Shards and just go to town on him. Once one runs out, use Storm Hollow (+) wrath then use another Havoc Shard (+). Keep locked on () to it so that you don't waste precious hits. Once his health is depleted, the achievement will pop. Visit Vulgrim afterwards so that he'll give you the Abyssal Armor. The passives are +10% Physical and Arcane Damage, +14% Physical and Arcane Damage Reduction, +90 Health Regenerated Per Minute, and +10 Amount of Wrath Bar Generated Per Minute. Keeper of the Bonfire 30:1gs: Finish Flame Wing After teleporting to the Void through one of Vulgrim's Serpent Holes, you must make your way around to getting to the Flame Wing boss - Aganosh. Avoid his attacks as you use the strategy of hit-hit-hit-dodge. If you happen to get attack happy, just avoid his area attacks with . Once defeated, you'll receive the Talons of Scorn. To use the Talons, just , to Weapons, scroll down to view it, and socket an Enhancement, if available. But for you to equip it, you must Attune to Hollow (hold ). This will swap out Chains of Scorn to Talons of Scorn. This method will work on all other new Hollow weapons. Keeper of the Sky 30:1gs: Finish Storm Wing To get across, hit the Orb with a charged Flame Hollow attack so that the block can move, then switch to Storm Hollow, hit it with a charged Storm Hollow attack to glide across safely. After finding the ways on placing 3 Orbs so that you can use Storm Hollow to floats up to the higher platforms, you'll encounter this Wing's boss, Zyon. During the fight, when it is critically damaged, it'll dig its fists into the ground and lighting may strike you, taking away you Storm Hollow as it gains some health back. Try to dodge these strikes perfectly. Afterwards, you'll gain the Polearm of Scorn. Keeper of the Vale 30:1gs: Finish Force Wing Yet again another maze on finding the Orbs to progress forward. Once that is complete, you'll fight the Force Wing boss, Roarakk. Use Storm Hollow arcane (+) to do quick damage but be mindful of its area shock waves. They can knock you back as Roarakk can hone in for an attack. Double-jump to avoid damage. After defeating Roarakk, you'll gain the Axe of Scorn. Keeper of the Tempo 30:1gs: Finish Stasis Wing After placing the Orbs to making your may to the Stasis Wing boss, Dovox, use the Storm Hollow wrath attack (+) and Havoc (+) attacks to finish him off. Avoid its area attack by double-jumping or a perfectly timed dodge. You'll receive the Scythes of Scorn.
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