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  1. interesting i tried this out and i have 2 pussycats that are now gold including lorenn yay and now her and me are pairing up again. and after i reach the 700 gold mark ill switch to my friends 2nd dummy that is gold too on my other box
  2. i used to pair up with my pussycat lorennf on 2 of my boxes. but now i can't anymore even though i press a on both controllers at the same time as the matchmaking cycles & each of us keep pairing with randoms. please tell how you did this im gold while lorennf is silver with 380
  3. just only need little tokyo and old factory district achievements to go. problem is the chaos amount can never reach the intended amount on both these maps even though me and 8 others always vote for the one with the highest chaos and they still don't seem to add up enough for both achievements. is this a normal thing or there something im missing.
  4. since i only have the flaming compensator and two cd discs and can't find any other weapons on harbor district
  5. yea i died at the part after you fuel the capsule and i accidently ran with the left stick all the way up when i entered the generator room & blew up. now on my 2nd go, lisa knocks me down the hole while im moving the 2nd rock. oh boy what a run, im gonna take a break
  6. can u use still use a japanese xbox gift card since i was going to use that instead to purchase the game in the jap marketplace, oh and great guide
  7. i remember years back the ranked races lobby would be jam packed with randoms making it difficult to boost with a partner but now as of this year, it pretty much died out.
  8. since my internet has been out for two days, ive played this on hard mode offline up to mission 17. when i finally got connected back on live at the end of mission 17, i didn't unlock the achievement for fin mission 17, and the other achievements I was supposed to unlock for the past missions didn't pop up and here I am still stuck at zero :'( i did a hard reset to connect myself back on live and reload the game and save where I left off at mission 18, and no achievements popped up, oh boy what a waste.
  9. so far fallen angel was my best. angel was the hottest chick to decapitate zombies with and the winnie chase was funny.
  10. cloelea

    awesome game

    if you love old school side scrollers with fast paced action that we rarely see this generation, you'll enjoy strider.
  11. cloelea

    awesome game

    just got back from completing hard & it was worth every minute. ive never played any of the older strider games so this was my 1st. i do love the metroidvania layout when I side scroll to exhibit the beautiful areas which brings so much nostalgia of the older metroid & castlevania games this time with next gen graphics. as for hard mode, it's not all that bad once you gather up health/energy upgrades & make use of your fire dragon magic to your advantage on boss fights & know each pattern to evade. there's only 2 parts that gave me trouble which is the solo (part 2) boss fight because he takes the longest the die & once he uses his twirling fireballs & you get caught, that's it for you lol. then finally the elevator wave at meios tower where your crammed up with 2 spider mechs on each side while the mech behind me keeps spamming freeze granades & 2 mini androids also shooting laser honeycombs on top to make matters worse. aboveall i really enjoyed strider and may there be many more sidescrollers like this in the foreseeable future
  12. do you just need one other person to start the game or do you still need 4 like bf3.
  13. http://static.squarespace.com/static/51b3dc8ee4b051b96ceb10de/t/528a7a4be4b0cb39fe096673/1384806991028/red-band-trailer-for-the-parody-film-best-night-ever.jpg heres a toast for a super boosting well done
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