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  1. Discuss anything regarding the achievements in this thread
  2. hahahahahaha go to a different area and try to find it and shut it down there
  3. u dont really need to boost.. its just smashin billboards, smashes and the jump of 4 seconds and just 10 challenges
  4. dont u think they shouldve made it bigger? oo well hope this isnt the last add on
  5. cant wait for this ... its all about the stunts
  6. pro street was garbage i payed 60 dollars for that piece of garbage from now on im not buying nfs games im renting them i would buy undercover then
  7. i gurantee the pictures look nice but the game will be bulls**t undercover was alright but ea keeps rushing their games thats why they suck they need to go back to underground
  8. Post here if you are looking to trade online achievements with people.
  9. one of the producers said they probaly gunna do it
  10. one time my character wouldnt get up till i kept tapping the a button
  11. U can do it with a meatshield check youtube
  12. i cant wait for this game its going to be modern warfare again im must get this game
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