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    I have been gaming since I can remember, and play for fun, but my time is quite precious to me!
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  1. This whole thing that happened yesterday was really dumb, except that I think the mobile drop rates were used because I was able to drop 2 5* cards from the treasure chests. Which for me is a bit of a relief since I have been stuck having only gotten 1 Kirin to drop and all of my other 5* cards were from events. They did fix the issue and give us a tiny bit of something in return (300 crystals), but if they do something like that again I may call it quits as well. I have logged in everyday since I downloaded this game and still don't have the 7 day achievement. The levels are a beast to grind out especially when you want to take a run at the mystery tower and have to use so much energy to clear out the low level dungeon and get hardly any xp from them.
  2. I was able to get both 5 * cards from this event without any real money spent. I had a Titan before it started but received one during the first maze of the the first day of this event. I had 40 Mooncakes on day 5 and had to wait until day 6 to get Tantorlord for the second card. The cards are pretty strong, but they Astrea is a bit meh since they gave out Kirin which has the same skill from the last event. The skill is only helpful if the deck has a lot of repeat cards, but Artemis is pretty awesome if they give her to you before the AI totally destroys you with their 100% rng luck!
  3. I also got the Titan while exploring towers. I think mine was from the one in level 6 and I did not pay for a reset. I hav done all of the towers today and am at 11 moon cake so far so the 40 moon cakes seems totally doable. I already had 2 of the cards I needed for enhancing so I just need to collect the last 4 for enhancing. The Tantorlosd is the only hard one as I have to wait until the second to last day to get it. Thankfully I have been saving my enhancing cards and have 12 pages of turkeys, eggs, and soon even more with the moon cakes!
  4. Just wondering if anyone has gotten the cyclops or dryad cards? I have done everything up to this point and have received all the rewards for the enhancements, but I went through all of my mazes the last 2 days and have fought 10 thieves and haven't even seen a single 4* card not to mention the right cards for this event. One thing I can confirm is that if you have a partially leveled card and finish it to 10 that counts toward this event. I had a lich and elf wizard at lvl 5 from early in the game and received my reward when I finished enchanting them.
  5. I only have the garden ops Crazy difficulty achievement left. I am looking for a group that wants to do this. If you are interested message me on Xbox One or if you have a group and need another let me know. GT: Drewbayeor
  6. I had this happen to me quite a few times, it kept all the money that I had accumulated so I didn't care; however, the last time it happened to me I was on lvl 42 and it not only kicked me out but reset my progress to lvl 1 and all of my upgrades were gone. I was at 20 dynamite, 15 axes, and 4 hearts. Needless to say I am pretty upset.
  7. I am looking at doing the Lantern Run achievements if anyone is interested. GT: Drewbayeor Send me a message on Live, I am willing to try with 2 players but only want to attempt with people who have mics and speak English.
  8. I am looking for someone who wants to try to boost the 1 million coins. If interested send me a message on Live. GT: Drewbayeor I am finally done with this terrible game, thanks fora those who helped to complete it.
  9. Looking to do most of the extinction achievements. I have 1000 in the 360 version, looking for a good team for the escape with 1:30 and the completionist. Done, except for glitched achievement. That makes 1980 points for cod: ghosts. Thanks to all who helped.
  10. I am looking to do all the multiplayer achievements. Will need a group of 3 for some but mostly just a partner. Let me know (I am located in CST gmt -6). Nights are usually my best time but have some te during the day as well. GT: Drewbayeor
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