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  1. For those of you that read that ''No one is willing to help" story, I apologize. I was so caught up in gathering all of the achievements that I went crazy. I think this is how it should go: Gamertag: Silvergirl88 Achievement Needed: S and SS rank Achievement Traded: Anything you wish Timezone: New York Time! Woooooooooo! Time Available: Any time after 6 pm Once again Im sorry!
  2. Hello. This is silvergirl88. I have completed all of the achievements on Kameo: Elements of Power, except for the time attacks. If anyone is willing to help, you can message me and tell me that you want to help. I am fast, so I can work moving fast while the other works on getting as many focus attacks as possible to slow up time. Thank you!
  3. I see that someone erased this thread last time for reasons unknown and I want to let them know that I will continue to put this up no matter how many times they erase it. Story: I have been trying to get the S and SS ranks for DOA4, but no one will help me. I have asked so many people and they have all said the same answer, no, or said that they no longer have the game anymore. So please, if anyone is reading this, please help me. I must have at least maybe 4 or 5 people who will allow me to defeat them 20 times each (after that, the match becomes unofficial), and in return, I would like to help them out or anyone else out with this game as well. My gamertag name is silvergirl88. You can send me a message or FR and tell me that you want to help. Thank you
  4. Is there anyone who could help me achieve the SS ranking? Im all the way down at D level and I not only want the ranks, but doing so will help me become a better fighter among the other higher ranks too. Is there anyone who has completed all ranks for this? I heard that survival mode is an easy way to get them and that I must defeat someone 20 times before moving on to the next player. 20 defeats per player or the ranks will not move any higher. Please contact me via XboxLive. My gamertag name is the same as this one. If you are willing to help me, please let me know. Thank You Very Much!
  5. For those who are having trouble trying to pull off a full combo of difficult, expert, and oni, you can go to game mode, choose an easy song (i prefer 'once upon a time'), hold the 'A' button and ONLY modify the speed of the song. Nothing else can be changed, if so, the achievement will not pop up. I tried this just now with the expert mode, modded the speed, and still got the achievement. I wish you all good luck!
  6. Thank you. Its just that I am still new to the Xbox Live and I do not want to run into any trouble. Now I feel better!
  7. Sorry. Say for exmaple you play Tekken 6 and you are trying to unlock the achievement 'Played 30 matches online'. I sign on to Xbox Live and obtain that achievement on Live. Then I go log out of Xbox Live and go offline. Should that achievement automatically appear? When I downloaded Kameo skins, the achievement unlocked for both Xbox Live and offline, do you think it will work with fighting games such as Tekken 6?
  8. Hi. This is Silvergirl88. I am currently working on DDR Universe 3. I am trying to complete all the streets and clubs, but it is very difficult. Is there a way that you can help me? Tips? Thank You!

  9. I fnd that 'Once Upon A Time' is the easiest dance for both difficult and expert mode. What do you guys think?
  10. Can anyone tell me which songs are the easiest when pulling off a Difficult, Expert, and Oni combo? Thanks;)
  11. Is there a way you can show me how you did it? Maybe a video perhaps?
  12. I only wanted to download the skins, but then all of these other achievements followed as well. Ah well! It can't be helped. Thanks anyway!
  13. If I unlock all achievements with gamerscores in Kameo, and ignore the ones that do not have gamerscores, will that be considered a complete game. I want to finish and add that on the game completion list.
  14. I made the biggest mistake by downloading the other 0 G achievements. All I wanted was the Kameo Skins, and the achievements followed. So instead of 25 out of 25 achievements, it's now 25 out of 50. So sad!
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