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  1. http://answers.ea.com/t5/Battlefield-3/xbox-360-BATTLEFIELD-1943-NETWORK-ERROR-this-is-a-BF3-related/td-p/1110958 this post is from 11 may on a forum. BF3 and BF1943 (Are be hacked or something)
  2. Hi guys. I can not login (it says) network error. EA servers down? Any solution? Thx,
  3. It happens sometimes, disconnection.
  4. Thx guys, i know its safe but you, know it better then me (think)
  5. Hi guys Have a question. Have play Fable 2 and i have not turn my Xbox off. Is this a risk for my Xbox? Possible that it damage my Xbox? Sorry i try to write better English forgive me Already thanks. Greets
  6. Hi Want to buy the VIP pass. Is it needed to buy Vietnam DLC also? For me its only important that i have enough choice to play online whit active players. VIP pass: 800 Vietnam: 1200 Little to much for now.
  7. Complete Fable III without being knocked out in combat. 50G This was very nice. But also need other weapons (Don't know how to play Co-op)
  8. Have discovered another game also: Fable 3 Yes little late
  9. In the Netherlands and most EU countries they speak English. Have visit Czech Republic (They do not speak English same, Ukraine, Poland). I have visit more countries like that. I have learn more there, then on the television in the Netherlands. But speaking and writing (Speaking) very good. (Writing) sometime spelling mistakes. This forum is easy to find on Google. And i love achievements (Do not know why , its nice when you complete a game. Thx again for this warm welcome Greets!
  10. Thx! you must play TR it will be a nice experience. And i love this forum already PS: Do my best to write better English. Sometimes its terrible.
  11. Hi I'm new here and i want to greet you guys. Xbox is a nice console. Playing now the Tomb Raider game (OMG) nice. So hi from me, and greetings from The Netherlands. PS: Feel free to add-me on Xbox live.
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