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  1. I got AC4 delivered today, but there's a problem: I live in the UK, and I've received an American copy of the game. On the PS4, this would be a huge problem, as it would mean I would be unable to play the DLC on it. Is this the same for Xbox?
  2. I'll be up for the MP achievements (DLC included). GT: benoski Time Zone: GMT
  3. I'v got a lot to do on this, but I want to try and get the DLC out of the way first. I need them all but excluding the Castle achievements. GT: benoski Time Zone - GMT
  4. Hey, are you still looking for a legendary co-op partner on Halo Anniversary?

  5. My biggest complaint so far about this game is Day 6 on the Security campaign. And why? The AI is so GOD. DAMN. OVERPOWERED! Even when I have a couple of online players, the AI still gets the better of us. Anyone frustrated by this too? Should anyone want to help me with this, then here's my details: GT - benoski Time Zone - GMT
  6. Hey there! I haven't used this site before, but I figured that I should start using it so that I can clear my backlog. I have both an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One.
  7. Sorry for the late reply, but I think only the PS3 version will be affected.
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