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  1. Couldent agree more with you , i loved titanfall1 myself i dont want to miss out on the day1 launch of TF2 but theres just so much other things im currently working on
  2. if theres any serious gamers out there who like to 100% everygame they play and want to fully get the multiplayer done please message me im looking for dedicated players to get the MP done , also looking to do AC3 MP achievements and revelations please message me if your serious about this
  3. want to boost all online achievements please message me asap on xbox o6 FresH
  4. just looked on TA somebody said the NFS developers are aware of the gold times problem and there working on it so hopefully we should all keep our 100% lol
  5. its a joke man really is knowing EA they wont patch it either
  6. so i woke up this morning and i was looking through my achievements i got to do the bottom and realized there were no 360 games that ive completed they have just dissappeared i still have the gamescore from them but there not there ive deleted my account and recovered it back still no luck , all my xbox one games are there to just not my 360 ones
  7. working my way to level 100 + need the heist achievements add me on xbox o6 FresH if u looking to grind
  8. need the hive infestation achievement add me on xbox if you have infestation missons
  9. ive been getting this all this morning . is this my connection or is this happening to everyone?
  10. just wondering missed out on getting it the first time
  11. thanks bro just done exactly what you said
  12. once you get to level 60 last five levels are a joke lol
  13. anybody want to get the send a challege to a buddy achievement and the other related one? add me o6 FresH
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